Episode 15: The Susie

Episode #149; 8:15

Our Summary

Elaine is being called Susie by Peggy which upsets her greatly. Eventually, both Peggy and Peterman think that there are two people: Elaine and Susie. This causes a whole bunch of problems, leading to her funeral. Meanwhile, Kramer made a bet using Jerry's money in which he won b/c he fought with Reggie Miller, so Mike Mofitt, who just became a bookie, makes Jerry into the bookie and he gets locked into Jerry's trunk, and then mistaking him for murdering Susie. Finally, we have George who wants to bring his gal Allison, who is supposedly genetically engineered to wear a backless dress and can twirl at the Yankees Ball, but she tries to dump him, so he manages to evade her the whole time, until Kramer steps in and causes problems, but in the end, saves the day for Georgie boy.

Our Commentary

Just a quick warning: this commentary was written backwards, with JJ writing first, then Adam AKA Aihud, and then me. Well, that's about it. Now to the ep at hand.

Overall, a decent ep.

HAHAHAH! NOT. This episode is getting the full treatment a la 7:6 The Soup Nazi, so you should know that this is a Top 10 episode, maybe Top 5! Everything about this episode is brilliantly executed and imagined. David Mandel obviously has an IQ of around 274 because the man is stimply brilliant to have come up with all of these perfect scenes as well as dialogue. Everyone in the ep was at the top of their game, with unbelievably Emmy winning (OK, maybe not, but should have been) performances turned in by everyone, including JGEK, Peterman, Peg Leg Pete, Mike Mofitt - Hello Bobbit, and even Wilhelm, who returned from his brief stay with the Sunshine Carpet Cleaning Cult. We have links flying in every direction, backward, forward, within the ep, and even diagonally. But I am no longer beside myself because I am getting way ahead of myself. Get it? HAHA! Anyway, let's hit the script my babies. Thanks a lot to Suzanne for her transcribing said episode.

We start off with Kramer and Jerry having no clue about DST and Kramer hilariously "springin' ahead riiight now." Beautiful link back to Mike Mofitt from 3:22 The Parking Space, which would be 5 years ago, Seinfeld being accurate as per usual, nice ribbing by Jerry against Mikey, Kramer getting the line wrong of "It's all water near a bridge." instead of "under a bridge", and finishing up the intro scene with Kramer telling Mikey that "it's aaalmost six.", even though he just changed the time moments ago. We then cut to the House of Peterman, where we are introduced for the first time to a fellow coworker of Elaine's by the name of Peg Leg Pete or as she is known in Seinfeld, Peggy. After calling Elaine "Susie", we cut to Monk's, where we assume that Elaine will be annoyed that she called her Susie and not Elaine, but this isn't a normal season with normal logic reigning. This is Season Eight. This is nutty time and it is now Elaine's time to get nutty. But I'm getting ahead of myself again, b/c first she introduces an unknown friend of her's named Sharon, who we are told is a "bulimic, chain-smoking, stenographer from Staten Island." George enters and tells about the Pinstripe Ball, which he is exuberant about, which of course Jerry tries to take away his happiness by saying it's a prom, but George sticks to his guns by saying that it's a ball. He's not exuberant b/c it's a nice social event with some of the peeps at work, but because he has the perfect girl to go to a ball, specifically because she "is genetically engineered to go to a ball. Tall, blonde, lithe", and then a classic back and forth between JGE about the correct word usage of "lithe!" We then get one of Daryn's most favorite lines that he said about ten million times on Thanksgiving, 2003, which gave this episode new life and made it rise in hilariousness, with his retelling of the line each time:

GEORGE: Elaine, when a woman makes a Ball Entrance.. she twirls.
ELAINE: She's not gonna twirl--
GEORGE: She'll Twirl.

Cut to George's place, where he is telling Allison that Steinbrenner wants everyone to twirl, where she tells him that they "need to talk!", so obviously he splits, b/c she's about to dump him. Cut to Jerry's place [Warning: I watched this episode and wrote this commentary with the boys maybe 6 months ago or more, so I am writing the rest of my commentary by reading the script and remembering from seeing the episode so many times when and where I thought there were funny and/or excellent scenes. I apologize if it subpar, but those are the breaks of life.], where we have some excellent back and forths between the two fellas, Kramer enters and gives us one of the craziest bets that anyone would take, "if the Knicks beat the Pacers by more than thirty-five", and his only explanation for his idiocy of placing such a bet is: "Oo-oo! That's some sweet action!" and that he couldn't place his own money down b/c he has a gambling problem, answering Jerry's obvious retort of "So you put down my money?!" with a simplistic and hilarious "[impatient sigh] You don't have a problem." Then we cut to one of Elaine's greatest scenes in probably what is her greatest episode:

She comes in to explain to Peg Leg that she is Elaine and not Susie, but forgets all about that when she calls her SUZE!:
[testy, leans into Peggy's personal space] Look-it. It's not Suze. All right? It's Su-zie. My name, is Su-zie! [Banging her chest] [PEGGY feels quite threatened..]

I fall on the floor laughing. Then, George uses his answering machine with the great song a la JJ and family, a brilliant call by George knowing she's at the office, calls her at home, and then cut to Jerry's place:
ELAINE: Can you believe this woman?
JERRY: [ironic outrage] The nerve. Talkin' about ya behind your back--and right to your face!
ELAINE: No. "Suze!" I mean, "Suzie!" "Suzanne!" "Suzanna." Fine! But there is no, way, I'm gonna be a Suze.
JERRY: No. No Suze.
ELAINE: [tense] I mean--what am I--some pom-pom-wavin' Backseat Bimbo?!

Still talking about Sharon, and Susie the entire episode, hilarious. Then Kramer gives us some great "involved" = throwing a hot dog at Reggie Miller, the three of them going to a strip club, Elaine only amazed that Cheryl Miller's brother plays basketball, and then cut to the House of Peterman literally, as Peterman names it as such in this scene, we then get his "Between you, me and the lamppost. And the desk," and that "this 'Suze' isn't much of a worker," with Elaine's being irritated by her boss's incorrectly naming this imaginary person by correcting him that "It's Susie!". And then we have one of the greatest scenes with such great acting chops that even James Lipton as well as Will Ferrell imitating Jimmy Iced Tea would revel in, the scene of course, is Kramer and George at Pomodoro's and then later on in Jerry's place in their whole "dating" "non-dating" "friends" yet "not-friends" relationship:

KRAMER: You know, I'm getting to a point in my life where I need something more than just.. a good time. [is tearing up]
GEORGE: [pause] Are you?
KRAMER: Wha--me? No! No. But she is.
GEORGE: I, I can't believe this is happening!
KRAMER: George, we're sorry. [breathes in, pause] We're through..
GEORGE: Krama. Please. [Notice the Krama, not the Kramer!]
KRAMER: [leaves, upset] Waaa-aa--aa! I'm sorry--

Cut to Peterman's where the 3 gals are supposed to meet with him, but alas, cannot. Good job by handling these idiots and then her classic pretending to hear someone call her to get out of a bad situation, then cut to Jerry's place where Kramer does his usual and hilarious not really knowing Jerry, protecting Mike from the bully Jerry:
KRAMER: [sighs, opens door] Come on in. Did you do this? [MIKE has two hand casts on]
JERRY: Yeah, but--
KRAMER: Uh--ah--ah! You broke his thumbs.
JERRY: It was an accident.
KRAMER: Oh, is that what you call it when, Somebody doesn't Pay Up?

Then we get the scene between George and Kramer mentioned above, Mike getting locked in the trunk, and then a great funny scene with Jerry telling Elaine to "get rid of" Susie, and his maniacal laugh, making Mike believe they're murdering her:

ELAINE: Jerry, I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. They're starting to give Susie assignments now!
JERRY: Well, there's only one thing to do. Eliminate her.
JERRY: [firmly matter-of-fact] Get Rid of Susie. Make her disappear.
ELAINE: I kinda like her.
JERRY: She's Gooone.
ELAINE: Jerry--
JERRY: [impatient] Gone! [starts maniacally laughing] [briefly stops to point and explain] That bumper sticker. [They BOTH scream, laughing! In the trunk, MIKE has heard most of the conversation! The laughing continues!]
MIKE: [desperately anxious] Oh God, I'm in trouble..

I just want to say here, that in the beginning of the episode Kramer "springs ahead" his watch, and how throughout the episode we have the repercussions, both big, small, and meaningless of it, like in the following thing of Kramer telling George that it's 5 in the morning and George tells him that it's only 4! and that Kramer is taking George back. Cut to the House of Peterman where Elaine tells Peterman that Susie committed suicide. Kramer tells Allison they're taking George back, and then cut to the funeral, where we have Jerry at one of his greatest and funniest multiple scenes, acting like he's the toughest guy ever in order to impress Peggy, of all people!:

PEGGY: I guess I never met Susie.
JERRY: [privately amused] Suze? I actually had a little thing with her for a while. [indicating ELAINE] Her too.

Cut to Peterman's car, so Petermaneque I can't handle it, linking it all together by bumping Jerry's car, allowing Mike to get out of the trunk. Cut to the Pinstripe Ball with Kramer doing the backless twirl for George, and then back to the funeral. After Peterman says that he and Susie "got it on", Jerry must continue his craziness of acting the bad boy to Peg Leg with his "[proud to PEGGY, under his breath] Yeah, but he didn't sleep with both of 'em. [winks]", Mike tells us that Jerry murdered Susie, and not phasing a bit, Jerry finishes by telling Peg Leg that "Not only that, I broke his thumbs. [PEGGY and ELAINE look at him strangely as he grins during such an inappropriate moment.]" Then a great ending of another link with the foundation for Susie and also a spoof of ST2: The Wrath of Khan with SUSE!!!

Overall, one of the greatest episodes.

Adam - In life, you have episodes like umm, 1:1 Good News, Bad News, 2:11 The Chinese Restaurant, and even 6:1 The Chaperone, which I must mention that Jared thought was 5:1 The Mango, cuz he's a complete idiot. JJ - Good job. Adam - Those episodes are clearly among the worst. JJ - Whoa . . . Lore, pushing Adam to say it. Adam - But why talk about crap when you can talk about 8:14, which one's 8:14? NOW WHO IS THE IDIOT PUNK! This is 8:15!! 8:14 was the Van Buren Boys, we just did it putz. Anyway, back to your dumbass commentary. GO! Adam - But what do these (8:14, The Pothole, 9:3 The Serentiy Now, thrown in for good measure if you will), now what do these various episodes have in common with The Susie? Brilliance is the answer to this equation if you will, JJ - We won't! Adam - The Susie combines the pizzazz of 9:4 The Blood, JJ - What is this the reference commentary? Adam - With the glitz and glamour of 8:1 The Foundation, JJ - I guess so. Adam - The acting is simply amazing, JJ - Here he goes stealing my thunder againm, much like he did in The Contest, while we're referencing other episodes, 4:11 Mind You. Adam - Mike Mofitt, is as usual at his best. While Kramer, Reggie Miller, and Spike Lee are simply marvelous. To tell you the truth, this episode made me cry. Cry from its utmost brilliance. JJ brings out the writer in Adam apparently. Adam - And other things. The dance continues. Mahvelous. As I walk away fromm photoshore Sheila and maybe we'll have lunch, tomorra? JJ - WHAT??? Adam - That's all I have to say. JJ - I realize that you guys have just read that the Somer boys put it in the Top 10, while I enjoyed it a lot, I'm not gonna go that far. It was a very good episode that picked up steam as it picked up in time or as it moved along, Jared it's at your discretion which one makes more sense. You have to write "Wait, what did I say so far", cuz that makes it funnier. As I read: "I realize that you guys have just read that the Somer boys put it in the Top 10, while I enjoyed it a lot, I'm not gonna go that far. It was a very good episode that picked up steam as it picked up in time or as it moved along, Jared it's at your discretion which one makes more sense. You have to write 'Wait, what did I say so far', cuz that makes it funnier." Coming off The Van B-Boys, which was absolutely brilliant, this one was not as good, although there still were some excellent scenes, and as you folks will remember from my last commentary, I focused on the writing, but now, let us focus on another craft, the craft of acting. Adam claps. The scene in Pomodoro's, with George and Kramer breaking up, along with the consequent scene, I would say subsequent, and their meeting in Jerry's place, where they see each other all of the time, a very unfamiliar location, exhibits the best acting shown to date by those two gifted Seinfeld members. Obviously the spinning Suse at the end is a lot of fun for those kids out there, not to mention that Elaine doesn't care that the whole world is crashing down upon her, as long as she is not called Suse. And I would be remiss not to mention the fact that the George answering machine message could have been heard by making a call to the Jerome residence for about a 3 year span. That's gotta count for something. Adam - Oh man, brilliant, while they both walk around and around the coffee table, minus the coffee table book about coffee tables. JJ - What the heck are you writing? Adam - Of course, of course. JJ - Overall, definitely the better half of Seinfelds. Mom - Let me show you the best artist in my class, (shows a picture of a horrible monster), JJ - Only monsters are creatively drawn) I hope you're not writing any of this?! No of course not. (Laaughter), can't spell it now, must type. GO!!! JJ - This commentary is dreadful. Overall, the episode is definitely better half, with a good possibility in the Top 50, but must be evaluated. Kudos to all on a job well done and acting was the key to success. Let's forget about Jared's commentary, only concern is a little guy named Aihud.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

149."The Susie" (February 13, 1997)

SUMMARY Kramer decides that daylight savings time isn't coming fast enough, so he sets his watch ahead an hour. Peggy, a coworker of Elaine's, calls her Susie, so Elaine pretends to be two different people. George gets dumped. Kramer bets with Jerry's money and then thinks Jerry roughed up the bookie. Elaine and Jerry, in his car, decide it would be best to eliminate Susie. Elaine delivers the eulogy at Susie's funeral. Peterman puts her in charge of a foundation in Susie's honor.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY David Mandel

GUEST CAST Lee Arenberg (Mike); Shannon Kenny (Allison); Megan Cole (Peggy); Jane Edith Wilson (Woman)

RECURRING CAST Richard Herd (Wilhelm); John O'Hurley (J. Peterman)


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Allison - Not ready for a serious relationship

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Reggie Miller
Spike Lee

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* THE HUSTLER - (Saw the movie a long time ago and don't remember which scene, so again, can't personally guarantee it)
STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN - (Elaine screaming Suse!!!, even though I've never seen the movie, I've seen the scene)

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