Episode 1: The Foundation

Episode #135; 8:1

Our Summary

Jerry quotes from Wrath of Khan to comfort the Rosses, and in doing so, caused them to create a foundation in Susan's memory, of which George is on the board of directors and will occupy any free time that he has. This ruins George's bachelor paradise dream, even though Jerry finds out that George's story is the best story to get a gal. Meanwhile, Peterman goes insane and travels to Myanmar/Burma, leaving Elaine in charge of the company. Elaine doesn't have the confidence to do it, so Kramer gives her that confidence by telling her that he is dominating the dojo, but she later finds out, b/c she's sticking it to Jerry, so Jerry gives it back to her, by sending her down to Kramer, where she finds out that he's fighting children. Her confidence is now shot and we find out that she put the Urban Sombrero on the cover.

Our Commentary

We start this hilarious season off with an equally hilarious episode after having not watched Seinfeld for about a month, maybe longer, Adam says. HI-larious stuff with Wrath of Khan, Kramer dominating at the dojo, George thinking that a bachelor's paradise consists of eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery, Elaine with her smoking the cigar and saying dufush, George and his yelling up at KHAN!!! which is later repeated by Elaine with SUSE!!! and George with TWIX!!! Beautiful stuff with Jerry and Mulva and Jerry conducting extensive research as to which story women are most attracted to, especially using Larry the Black Owner/Manager of Monk's in said research, Wink/Wyck, Mrs. Zanfino and little baby Joey sitting over there in the playpen, the $2.3 million doll collection, that they must go through doll by doll, including George's mother, Kramer thanking Mrs. Z for the juice box, Peterman going way off the edge with his gargantuan monkey fist of a neck, "You may know it as Myanmar, but it will always be Burma to me", Kramer thinking that Myanmar is the discount pharmacy, the Urban Sombrero, Kramer telling Elaine that the confidence of the Katra was from his Karate class, when in fact it was in The Search for Spock, which Kramer must argue with Jerry over which Star Trek was the better picture, Jerry's mutual breakup, and the tiny fists of fury that massacre him in the dark alley where the Street Toughs rein. Overall, a solidly hilarious addition to the Top 25 episodes of Seinfeld and a stellar first episode to launch the stellar 8th season. Adam - This episode is amazing. I love it. Everything from It's a magnificent stone to George being without his shirt on eating a block of cheese when the Rosses come in, and furthermore offering the Rosses some cheese while putting on a suit jacket over his naked body. The 48 acres in Southhampton which should fetch a fair price and George learning what he would have had, had he married Susan. Not to mention Peterboy screaming at a boy on a bicycle "Sell me one of your belts!" and then Elaine taking over the company. This episode makes me cry. From happiness that is. On a sidenote, Larry David will be missed, but never forgotten.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

135."The Foundation" (September 19, 1996)

SUMMARY Susan's parents want to keep her memory alive, so they start a foundation in her honor with George on the board. Jerry studies the perfect breakup story. Kramer learns karate. Elaine gets appointed president of J. Peterman's company after he has a breakdown. Jerry runs into Dolores from "The Junior Mint," and she suggests that they get together again. George discovers how much he lost when he lost Susan.

OF SPECIAL NOTE This episode was dedicated to Marjorie Gross, who died of ovarian cancer earlier in the year.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer

GUEST CAST Janeane Garofalo (Jeannie Steinman); Bruce Davison (Wyck); Grace Zabriskie (Mrs. Ross); Warren Frost (Mr. (Henry) Ross); Joe Urla (Dugan); Susan Walters (Dolores Mulva); Todd Bosley (Joey); Diana Castle (Mrs. Zanfino); Stuart Quan (Sensei); Herb Mitchell (Businessman #1); Robert Louis Kempf (Businessman #2); Lawrence A. Mandley (Larry); Lauren Bowles (Waitress #1); Peggy Lane (Waitress #2); Paige Tamada (Clara); Robert Padnick (Willie); Ruth Cohen (Ruthie)

RECURRING CAST John O'Hurley (Peterman)


2nd Siyum

Girls Who Broke Up With Jerry
Dolores - He hasn’t grown up

Peterman Catalog Clothes
Urban Sombrero

Movie Spoofs
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - (George screaming Khan!!!, even though I've never seen the movie, I've seen the scene)

First Times
Wyck Fayer

3rd Siyum

Things We Have No Clue About
Concerning the inner being, Katra, that says “yes, I can”, Sammy Davis had it

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