His First Name Is Jacopo.
Need I Say More?

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J. Peterman, president of his own company of the same name, is a man about town. Due to his knowledge and experiences with opium, Peterman here, sells clothing at incredibly expensive prices and uses beautiful, detailed, dreamy, descriptions to do so. He's had many adventures, romantic soirees, and wild escapades all over the world, but "we've covered all that in the catalog ad nauseum. I want this to be about my day to day life. [a brief pause of 15 lines of dialogue] Ohh, damn. I forgot to buy plant food again.. I'll bet I got a coupon for it."

"Poor old Walt has a polyp in the duodenum. It's benign, but--ooh--still a bastard."
- Peterman 9:18 The Frogger

The character of J. Peterman was introduced in 6:24 The Understudy, but doesn't come back to us until 7:7 The Secret Code and still manages to fit himself hilariously into 22 episodes. Being one of the most hilarious and memorable characters ever is due to the hilarious lines written for him, but it is also from the brilliant acting by John O'Hurley.

Peterboy becomes Elaine's boss when she bumps into him after she was brought up on charges of espionage. He drives an extremely cool tiny orange convertible 2 seater. His mother's dying words was Bosco and she may have taken a lover when Peterman was growing up as a boy in Costa Rica. He loves the Ziggy cartoon so much that he has all of them in his archives. He's a fabulous dancer, collector of wedding cakes, and JFK memorabilia; a coupon saving plant lover who's had many opium excursions. On one hand he's sympathetic to drug users, on the other hand, he fires them. He goes quite mad from what I hear and travels to Burma, you may know it as Myanmar but it will always be Burma to me, b/c he's burned out. He hands over the reigns of the catalog inexplicably to Elaine who does a job . . . done. He doesn't follow spowts, even though you gotta love it, is gullible to any excuse, except ones that come from George. His autobio was ghost written by Elaine, Jerry had someone, we don't know who, maybe his protoge Banya, to ghost read it, and it contained many stories from Kramer's life, which eventually led the K-Man to create the Peterman Reality Bus Tour, which showed people, who apparently wanted to know the stories behind the stories, and was really $37.50 for a pizza bagel and a bite-size Three Musketeers, or according to Jerry, just the Three Musketeers.

In the end, the only thing we need know about this myth of a man is that he knows many nicknames for opium when seen in a syndication, but knew even more when originally aired.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Peterman = 22

General Locations
House of Peterman = 60

Norman Brenner
Peterman Reality Tour Rider - 8:21 The Muffin Tops

Peterman Catalog Clothes
Italian Capto Oxfords - 6:24 The Understudy
Classic Horseman’s Duster - 6:24 The Understudy
Norwegian Ice Fishing Vest - 7:5 The Hot Tub
Himilayan Walking Shoe - 7:5 The Hot Tub
Paparona Beret - 7:7 The Secret Code
Rougue’s Wallet - 7:7 The Secret Code
Gatsby Swing Top - 7:12 The Caddy
Squires Walking Stick - 7:19 The Wig Master
Pigmie Pullover - 7:21 The Bottle Deposit Part 1
Urban Sombrero - 8:1 The Foundation
Quilted Chambray Nightshirt - 8:6 The Fatigues
Bengalese Galoshes - 8:6 The Fatigues
Aristotle Goose Down Tunic - 8:8 The Chicken Roaster
Diaphamis Rum Runner’s Scarf - 8:12 The Money
Detox Poncho - 9:17 The Bookstore

Peterman’s Nicknames for Opium
White Lotus - 7:16 The Showerhead
Yam-Yam - 7:16 The Showerhead
Shanghai Sally - 7:16 The Showerhead
Smack - 9:17 The Bookstore
White Palace - 9:17 The Bookstore
The Chinaman's Nightcap (in original airing, plus others, to be added when found) - 9:17 The Bookstore
Yam-Yam - 9:17 The Bookstore

First Times
Jacopo “J.” Peterman - 6:24 The Understudy
Peterman Office - 7:5 The Hot Tub
House of Peterman - 7:5 The Hot Tub