Episode 16: The Pothole

Episode #150; 8:16

Our Summary

Jerry's gal's toothbrush falls into the toilet, she uses it, and Jerry can't kiss her because of it. She puts something of his in the toilet for revenge and so he throws out basically his whole apartment. George's keys with a talking Phil Rizzuto gets stuck under a pothole so he must jackhammer it out. Elaine tries getting the Supreme Flounder from China Panda, but can't because she's south of the border. So she pretends to live in the building across the street as the janitor in order to eat it. However, she must also do some janitorial work. Finally, Kramer adopts Mile One-Fourteen on the Arthur Berkhardt Expressway and decides to widen the lanes, causing tons of traffic and eventually, engulf Newman in a fireball.

Our Commentary

This Top 50 ep contains many hilarious plot lines that all interweave with each other in classic Season Eight nuttiness. Early in the ep they tell us that Newman runs fish for China Panda in his mail truck only so they can set up the ending of him driving with said fish on the ABE. Classic George with his saying that both muffins and cake are really cake and that he doesn't know whether he sat down on the bench for 20 minutes or an hour. Hilarious stuff with Jenna screwing with Jerry's head and him throwing out everything in his apartment, Kramer and the whole expressway thing, with his laughing at the kids who drew 165 MPH instead of 65 MPH, the China Panda guy saying that they can't deliver to Elaine b/c next they would have to deliver to 85th Street, Wall Street, Mexico, 84th Street, and Kramer asking Jerry where the toolshed is. Even though I've seen this ep ten million times, I noticed a couple of things that I hadn't noticed previously, one of which is that the Singer sewing machine that Elaine drops out of her trunk onto the ABE is the same one that Kramer first picked up to adopt mile 114, and the other thing is that Jenna put Jerry's toiletbrush in the toilet, which is where that thing goes, yet Jerry says that it's alright, b/c he can replace that. Overall, this ep was classic Season Eight nuttiness, with its hilariously linked and absurdly making no sense ending. Adam - Great episode. The first time I ever saw this episode, it was probably in my Top 5. After seeing it over a billion times, it just makes the Top 50. Nevertheless, the spoofing of the Marx Bros. in A Night at the Opera is a great part and the linking is very funny. Overall, solidly hilarious episode.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

150."The Pothole" (Febraury 20, 1997)

SUMMARY George tries to recover his lost key chain. Elaine tries to get Chinese food delivered. Jerry goes to extreme measures to avoid germs when he's with his new girlfriend after she uses a toothbrush he accidentally dropped in the toilet. Kramer adopts a mile of highway.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Steve O'Donnell and Dan O'Keefe

GUEST CAST Kristin Davis (Jenna); Jack McGee (Ralph); George Kee Cheung (Owner); Seraiah Carol (Mrs. Allister); Radmar Agana Jag (Delivery Boy); Walter Addison (Man)

RECURRING CAST Wayne Knight (Newman)


2nd Siyum

Snort = 43 (plus 1 Elaine in 8:4 The Little Kicks, plus 1 construction worker - 8:16 The Pothole)

Cleaning crew with all their so called maintenance equipment

Movie Spoofs
A NIGHT AT THE OPERA - (The gang all crowded into the janitor's closet)

Girls Jerry Broke Up With
Jenna - Toilet water all over her

Crazy Kramer Ideas
Widening the lanes on the Arthur Berkhart Expressway

3rd Siyum


Broadjump over Pothole (video) 78 W.86th St. Elaine's New Apt. 85th Street 84th Street Pothole Construction Workers

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