DISCLAIMER: For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Kathleen Tracy says that The Clip Episode counts as only 1 episode, yet the eps that I have, and other episode guides I've seen on the internet, this is considered 2 episodes, Part 1 and Part 2. This obviously affects the numbering system here at the end. I will follow everyone else, except Tracy, and count it as 2 episodes. Therefore, there are 180 episodes, not 179. Also, as another proof that she is wrong is that Jerry says in the beginning of 9:22 The Clip Show Part 2 that there have been 180 episodes. (Although at this point we don't have the finale yet, making it 178 episodes, we must say that he meant that 180 episodes were filmed.)

Episode 24: The Finale Part 2

Episode #180; 9:24

Our Summary

Having been arrested for breaking the Good Samaritan Law, the group is put on trial which the DA uses as a circus to showcase the anti-social behavior that this foursome have been known for during the past 9 seasons of Seinfeld. A cast of characters testify via reminiscing about their experiences in dealing with "The New York Four".

Our Commentary

Taking some of the funniest moments in Seinfeld with some of the funniest characters and letting them retell their most hilarious scenes is good enough for the Top 50, but this episode, in all of its glory, bests it's Part 1 cousin, 9:23 The Finale Part 1 and makes the Top 25. Everyone is at the top of their game from the main characters to those one trick ponies that make us laugh and laugh and laugh all the way to the bank. The facial and body expressions from all of the characters in the court room at all of the things that the group has done is just perfectly executed and filmed. Genious is the only word I can use to describe it. Genious. Of course, as mentioned in 9:23 The Finale Part 1, the critics were not to happy with this finale, but I was, at least after watching the second part, or in the original form, the last half of the episode, which truly finished off the season and all of Seinfeld.

That said, we have to go a little deeper into this episode, as it is the final one. LD has always been obsessed with making shows within shows, such as the first season of CYE, Season 4 of Seinfeld, and the closer we are discussing and which is being discussed herewithtoforeforthwithfortbaxterfortknox. "Jerry" was so important and instrumental as the real life basis of what happened for Seinfeld, even trying to pitch it to the Japanese NBC. We have Jerry and George's obsession with prison, finally getting to go there themselves, the ending of the 4some sitting in prison, "just talkin'" like they do at Monk's, showing it doesn't matter where they are, they can continue their pitiful lives even in prison, Jerry throwing people for a loop, saying they will return in a year, a final Cut Off Cursing, Art Vandelay, the miniarchs of Elaine's calling fiasco and being redeemed, having waitresses and/or prison guards check up on you, Kramer's water in the ear, waiting for the plane to take them to Paris, and of course, as everyone knows, the infamous second button literally making or breaking the shirt from the very first episode, completing LD's obsession with arches to the nth degree, and no, I'm not talking about the ST:TNG episode. (Trekkie geek! - someone yells out) To which I respond, (Buddy, you're on the "geekiest" site of all time devoted to Seinfeld and you're calling me a Trekkie geek?!?! I am proud to be one, but even more proud to be a [Triumph's Voice]: Seinfeld super-nerd).

I would also like to point out some lawyerly advice here that Jackie Chiles must have either forgotton about or we did not see him talk about these things. First of all, the Good Samaritan Law "requires you to help or assist anyone in danger as long as it's reasonable to do so." The mugger had a gun and he was threatening to use it. That makes it unreasonable to assist the fat fellow. Jackie should have cross examined the witnesses, as many would have proven to be either insane or at least wrong in their accusations, especially the damaging testimony of the evil Babu, whom Jerry tried to help!!! Of course, this is not Perry Mason, it's Seinfeld, a comedy, so I'll let it slide this one time. Slip and Slide.

Seinfeld is a television show about four eccentric white people in their 30's that live in the Upper West Side of Manhattan during the end of the 20th century. Viewers were given a glimpse of their experiences in day to day life as well as focusing on their relationships with the opposite sex. The comedy of JS and LD focus on the seemingly unimportant details of day to day life and relies on these witty observations combined with Kramer's slapstic humor, George's and Jerry's "Jewish-neurotic" parents, the childishness and immaturity of all 4 characters, but especially Jerry and George, as well as a host of other peripheral characters that became world famous due to their eccentricity. In most episodes written by LD and some that were not written by him, but at the very least, the clear majority of all episodes, have arches and/or links within the episodes or seasons, creating chaos and usually affecting the other characters' lives in a negative way. To say that the four main characters are evil is a topic of debate amongst Seinfeld fans. There is no doubt that many of the scenes shown in this episode prove their "anti-social behavior" was not merely an isolated incident involving the fat fellow. This could have been proven even better in that George murdered Neil at the end of 8:17 The English Patient. However, that said, the foursome have also been great humanitarians throughout the seasons of Seinfeld, such as Kramer walking for AIDS, Elaine, Jerry, and George all donating time to be with elderly people, George saving a beached whale, Kramer saving a pinkie toe, stopping a mugger on the bus, and dropping people off said bus when they rang the bell, Jerry buying his father a cadillac twice, paying for Jack messing up the car, returning the pen to Jack, Kramer showing his Japanese friends around town, Kramer fulfilling the wishes of a sick boy in the hospital, Jerry and Kramer donating their time to PBS, Jerry helping Babu, etc., etc., etc. The point is that I would venture to say that Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, have been bad and good, just as much as any other character in the Seinfeld universe.

I would also venture to say that there has never been, nor will there ever be a show like Seinfeld again. The premise is so obvious yet so complex and so unlike the typical sitcom or situational comedy. There are no morales to be learned, there is no "aaawww" from the audience, there is no happy ending, and unlike your typical comedy, lots of people get hurt, maimed, and die. There is no such things as being politically correct, logic does not rule here, especially in the latter seasons, and everyone is so sexually active, it's a huge miracle that they are all still STD-free. Life is devoid of meaning, spirituality, goals, achievements, and focus. Everything is about the here and now and temporary pleasures of the body. Eating at Monks and trying out new restaurants, watching TV or going to the movies, dating in order to have sex, and finally making money so that one can do this over and over. In short, these are TV characters with no souls. So, do they deserve to go to prison? Most definitely. Do they also deserve to have an entire web site devoted to everything they do in the name of laughter and genious? Again, most definitely. Will this site continue on, even though this is the last words in my commentary? FINALLY, I MUST ANSWER FOR THE THIRD, AND FINAL TIME, MOST DEFINITELY. PERIOD.

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EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

179."The Finale (Part 2)" (May 14, 1998)

SUMMARY Jerry, George, Kramer, and Elaine go on trial for breaking the new Good Samaritan law when they fail to help an obese man who was being robbed. During the trial, a succession of character witnesses recounts the groups' less-than-charitable acts of the past. The trial is presided over by Judge Art Vandelay, who gives them a sentence of one year behind bars. Jerry closes the series with a prison-themed monologue.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Larry David

GUEST CAST Stanley Anderson (Judge Vandelay); Frances Bay (Mrs. Choate); Peter Blood (Jay Crespi); David Byrd (Pharmacist); Tony Carlin (Co-worker); Steve Carlson (Captain Maddox); Melanie Chartoff (Robin); Brian Doyle-Murray (Mel Sanger); David Dunard (Guard); Geoffrey C. Ewing (Bailiff); Warren Frost (Mr. (Henry) Ross); Brian George (Babu Bhatt); Philip Baker Hall (Mr. Bookman); Teri Hatcher (Sidra); John Hayman (Bubble Boy); Keith Hernandez (Himself); Carlos Jacott (Pool Guy); Scott Jaeck (Officer Vogel); Wendle Josepher (Susie); Robert Ka-tiros (Mr. Deensfrei); Scott Klace (Guard); Janes Leeves (Maria); Bruce Mahler (Rabbi Glickman); Wendel Meldrum (Low-Talker); Sheree North (Babs); Ed O'Ross (Det. Blake); Kevin Page (Stu Chermak); James Pick-ens Jr. (Det. Hudson); John Pinette (Howie); Victor Raider-Wexler (Dr. Wexler); James Rebhorn (DA Hoyt); Geraldo Rivera (Himself); McNally Sagal (Carol); Miguel Sandoval (Marcelino); Reni Santoni (Poppie); Gay Thomas (O'Neal); Larry Thomas (Soup Nazi); Myra Turley (Foreman); Jane Wells (Herself); Grace Zabriskie (Mrs. Ross); Van Epperson (Passerby); Dianne Turley Travis (Receptionist); Jim Zulevic (Bernie)

RECURRING CAST Ian Ambercombie (Mr. Pitt); Richard Fancy (Lippman); Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza); Richard Herd (Wilhelm); Steve Hytner (Bania); Wayne Knight (Newman); Len Lesser (Uncle Leo); Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld); Phil Morris (Jackie Chiles); John O'Hurley (J. Peterman); Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld); Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza); Patrick Warburton (David Puddy); Danny Woodburn (Mickey Abbott)


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Celebrities (*Real)
*Keith Hernandez - 9:23 The Finale Part 1 & 9:24 The Finale Part 2
*Geraldo Rivera -
9:23 The Finale Part 1 & 9:24 The Finale Part 2
*Jane Wells -
9:23 The Finale Part 1 & 9:24 The Finale Part 2

Larry David
Voice of “Grand Theft Auto”
Voice of “You suck! I’m gonna cut you!”

SNL Cast Members
Brian Doyle Murray - 4:7 The Bubble Boy, 4:24 The Pilot Part 2, and 9:24 The Finale Part 2

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