A Very Bad Man

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Life dealt Babu Bhatt a bad hand, many bad hands, actually, many many bad hands, from his restaurant not doing well, even after a renovation, to his visa renewal papers being put in Yerry's mailbox by mistake, causing him to be deported back to Pakistan. He vows revenge on JS and gets it in 9:24 The Finale Part 2, but Jerry's always been nice to him. Nicer to him, than anyone else, especially the fat fellow.

"Then where is Babu? What happened to Babu? Show me Babu!"
- Babu's brother 4:15 The Visa

The character Babu Bhatt was introduced in 3:7 The Cafe, as a Pakastani restauranteur played by Brian George, who would go on to portray this evil character, until his revenge was complete in the very last episode.

Jerry helps Babu, by going out of his way, out of the kindness of his heart, to eat in his eatery. Then tries to suggest a way for him to do better financially, which does seem like a good idea. He then eats there too. Then, his altruistic nature, that is ONLY reserved for Babu, kicks in by getting Babu an apartment in his building and a job at Monk's, although I don't know how he pays for it with that job description. Then, totally out of Jerome's hands, he gets deported, even though he also tries to get him a lawyer.

After reviewing these facts and knowing that Babu vows revenge and gets it, one must ask, who the real very bad man is.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Babu Bhatt = 3

First Times
Babu Bhatt - 3:7 The Cafe