Jack Klompus

He's Ridden in A Cadillac Thousands of Times

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Jack is married to Doris and they live in Florida with the Seinfelds. His most valued asset is an astronaut pen. He loves to say Ahh with an echo from Morty, sometimes while waving his hand in a downwardly motion, thereby signifying to Fuhgeddaboutit! He's an impatient bastard, but I love him.

"Get the hell outta here with your knob."
- Jack 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1

The character Jack Klompus was introduced in 3:3 The Pen, as one of the funniest peripheral characters of all time. Sandy Baron, who would go on to portray this hilarious character, was wanted back by audiences the world round, and I still can't get enough of him. P.S. I just looked at his IMDB page to make sure the link was working and saw that he died January 21, 2001. He will be surely missed.

He uses sarcasm when something's going on before impeaching his longtime friend b/c he believes he stole $ from the condo fund Kidai buy his Caddy. He can't believe Jerry bought it b/c his material is bad, therefore he must be poor. He probably saw the error of his ways when Jugdish buys the car back and fixes it, not to mention shuttling back and forth between FLA and NYC, which was ruined b/c it apparently took off on him. He loves cigars, thinks the best value in the world is the Danny's early bird, uses toothpicks after eating, and helps Morty by trying to ship the raincoats, but he ended up being an idiot for shipping it not overnight, not sealing the boxes, and being unable to jimmy the lock, broke the window to Sein's place, getting them robbed, and his hand torn up.

This multiseason man can best be described as follows: he goes from 300 lb. to a svelte 150 lb. in 2 and a half years.


Specific Characters
Ahh by Jack Klompus/Seinfeld = 4

(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Jack Klompus = 6

First Times
Jack Klompus - 3:3 The Pen