Episode 8: The Chicken Roaster

Episode #142; 8:8

Our Summary

Elaine thinks that b/c she is the President of J. Peterman, the company, not the guy, she can do whatever she wants, including spending money from the company account for her personal needs, and in doing so buys a $8000 hat for George, who does a leave behind with his hat in order to get a second date with the gal from the store they bought the hat from, but it gets lost, so Elaine must travel to Burma so Peterman will sign a paper in order for her to keep her job. Meanwhile, a Kenny Roger's Roasters has opened across the street and b/c Jerry's college buddy ends up working there and Kramer wants to close the store down b/c the red light invades his room like a red menace, Kramer and Jerry switch rooms and personalities.

Our Commentary

This hilarious Top 50 ep contains a bunch of hilarious and classic scenes. Hilarious stuff with Co-stanza=By Mennen, Mr. Ipswich, George returning the clock and blaming the salami and the delicatessen, and Peterman and Newman with some great scenes. But then we have the reason this ep makes the Top 50: Jerry and Kramer switching places. This is just stimply hilarious. Everything from Kramer acting exactly like Jerry with his quips and sarcasm to George and about Elaine and Jerry's plan that involves Jerry's friend Bob Sacamano to Jerry acting exactly like Kramer with his giddyups, wild ideas, and popins. Mr. Marbles is hilarious as is Kramer loving the chicken so much, with his Kenny never hurt nobody. Overall, a solidly hilarious episode. Adam - Hilarious episode. I can only imagine how much I laughed the first time I ever saw it. Seeing Peterman again brought tears to my eyes. I only look forward to his return.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

142."The Chicken Roaster" (November 14, 1996)

SUMMARY Elaine overuses her expense account at work. Kramer and Jerry switch apartments and begin to take on each other's personalities. Jerry gets a college buddy fired after the buddy spends time with Jerry and misses a meeting. Newman gets Kramer hooked on Kenny Roger's Roasters chicken. Elaine goes to Burma in search of Peterman to get her expenses authorized.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer

GUEST CAST Mark Roberts (Seth); Kymberly Kalil (Heather); Michael D. Roberts (Ipswich); Wesley Leong (Clerk); Christopher Aguilar (Burmese Boy)

RECURRING CAST Wayne Knight (Newman); John O'Hurley (J. Peterson)


2nd Siyum

Thatís a Shame = 5 (plus 1 Kramer - 8:8 The Chicken Roaster, plus 1 George - 8:12 The Money)

Food Fridge = 19 (plus 1 Jerry - 8:8 The Chicken Roaster, plus 1 Kramer in Florida - 9:15 The Wizard)
Giddyup = 14 (plus 1 George, plus 1 Jerry - )
Pop In = 287 (plus 1 Jerry - 8:8 The Chicken Roaster; plus 1 Darin - 9:2 The Voice, plus 2 Kramer in Florida - 9:15 The Wizard)


Peterman Catalog Clothes
Aristotle Goose Down Tunic

Stuff that Happened to Bob Sacamano
Sells Russian hats down in Battery Park for $40

All starches, especially Ziti with that big hole

Movie Spoofs
* Apocolypse Now - (Never saw it, so can't guarantee it)

3rd Siyum



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