Much More Than Just a Man

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It is possible to describe Newman as an overweight postal employee. But there is so much more depth, pun intended, to this pure evil character. Adulterer, scofflaw, and poet, Newman is all of this and more.

"He's a model tenant. Portly, yes, but smart as a whip."
- Kramer 9:12 The Reverse Peephole

The character Newman was introduced in 2:7 The Revenge, but we only hear his voice, which was originally done by Larry David. When the episode aired for syndication, Wayne Knight, who would go on to portray this lovable character, recorded his own voice. Newman AKA Newmie was first seen by the television viewing audience in 3:15 The Suicide, where his nemesis, Jerry, begins their torrid love affair by dating Newman's coma victim friend's gal. Newman originally was unemployed, but later became a mailman for the United States Postal Service. He lives in Jerry's building, albeit in the East Wing of 129 West 81st Street, Apt. 5F, New York, New York 10024-7207.

He's had many girlfriends, but we only meet 4 of them:
1. For his birthday wish, a model for Elle magazine. (9:8 The Betrayal)
2. Jerry's gal, who he Newman broke up with because she wasn't his type. (6:2 The Big Salad)
3. Although he is in love with Elaine, the one time he has a chance to hook up with her in 9:12 The Reverse Peephole, he tells us that "his heart belongs to another man's wife", and that man is Sylvio.
4. Babs. (6:11 The Switch)

He drives his mail truck for business as well as pleasure, yet tears up the road with his 1975 brown Dodge Diplomat, silver Corvette Convertible as well as his black Acura NSX. Although Jerry and Newman are arch-enemies, they occasionally hook up and act civilized to each other. However, when push comes to shove, and the bullets fly, 2 things can happen:
1. Hello Jerry/Newman or variations thereof: Goodnight Jerry/Newman, Mrs. Seinfeld/Newman.
2. Newman Soliloquy.

He's best friends with Kramer, yet sleeps with his mom, and doesn't invite him to his birthday bash and he'll sacrifice the K-Man in order to screw Jerry. Kramer will do the same to him though.

Likes and Dislikes

He likes ordering, in a polite manner, a pair of bearclaws, while he taps a tap tap on Monk's counter. He likes Drake's Coffee Cake. Never pays fines. Does deliveries for China Panda with his mail truck, and Lorenzo's is on his mail route. He has bunyons, fleas, footbaths, hates dogs, loves all manner of food except the vile weed broccoli, where he needs bbq sauce to get rid of the taste. He loves strong cider, he's a strong cider type of guy. Doesn't know much about farrming. Can climb trees like a ring-tailed lemur due to his position in the Pacific Northwest. He's Kramer's sidekick in the Merv Griffin Show, he bites Kramer, splits Macanow peaches with him, always wanted to be a barber, gets shaved by Jerry, narrowly escapes defeat in Risk, gets freebies b/c no names on boxes, goes into the rigshaw business, bottle deposit scam, used records, and is an unknown 20th century poet, not to mention that he almost got a visectamy for Elaine, his unrequited love.

In the end, Newman is a little bit of all of us, yet we are nothing like him.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Newman = 45

* In 7:13 The Seven, a night shot of the apartment, when it should be Newman's east wing
In 8:10 The Andrea Doria, night shot of Jerry's apartment while sorting Newman's mail, and then daytime outside the window

Girls Who Broke Up With Jerry
Margaret - Obsessed with Newman

Things Jerry Calls Newman
Pudgie - 6:2 The Big Salad
You're not a little anything - 6:12 The Label Maker
Chunkie - 6:20 The Doodle
That - 9:4 The Blood

Miscellaneous Lines
Hello Newman/Jerry = 21 (plus 1 Goodnight Newman, Goodnight Jerry - 9:17 The Bookstore)
Newman Soliloquy = 10

Contact List
Newman - 129 West 81st Street, Apt. 5F, NY, NY 10024-7207

Larry David
Voice of Newman - 2:7 The Revenge (Reruns Wayne Knight)

The Bizarro World
Newman works for FedEx
Newman and Jerry are good friends

First Times
Hearing Larry David (voice of Newman) - 2:7 The Revenge
See Newman - 3:15 The Suicide