Bob Sacamano

This Guy is a Psycho

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Having never seen Bob Sacamano, one would think we don't know anything about this friend of Kramer. However, this guy "one" is incorrect. We know a ton of stuff about Bob Sacamano. We even know stuff about his father, his namesake.

JERRY: You know my friend Bob Sacamano?
ELAINE: I thought he was Kramer's friend.
JERRY: Well, he called last night about 3 a.m. we got to talking, he sells Russian hats down at battery park, forty bucks.
ELAINE: Forty bucks? Are they Sable?
JERRY: No, but the difference is negligible.
KRAMER: Oh yeah, I like this idea.
ELAINE: Alright, lets give it a shot, lets go.
JERRY: Giddee up!
- 8:8 The Chicken Roaster

Bob Sacamano, who was portrayed beautifully by Bob Scarantino, is first discussed early on in Seinfeld in 2:8 The Heart Attack. He did such a great job and lived such an interesting life that they brought him back for 9 more eps.

Bob Sacamano is a brilliant freak of nature who has a variety of strange jobs. He's extremely wealthy from his invention of attaching the rubber band to the ball and paddle, so he doesn't have to rely on small business loans yet he still sells condoms, Russian hats in Battery Park for $40, and needed to stay with Kramer for a year and a half. His hernia was botched so he now has a high pitched voice, his synapses are extremely large, he's had rabies, and throws parties constantly.

The only thing you need to know about Bob Sacamano is that he causes people to remember to return things.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Bob Sacamano = 10

Kramer's Friends
Bob Sacamano - 2:8 The Heart Attack
Bob Sacamano Senior - 9:15 The Wizard

Stuff that Happened to Bob Sacamano
Botched hernia operation so has a high pitched voice - 2:8 The Heart Attack
Had shock treatment, but no affect b/c synapses too large - 3:2 The Truth
Job at condom company, hes from Jersey - 3:16 The Fix-up
He had rabies - 5:3 The Glasses
Stayed with Kramer for a year and a half - 7:19 The Wig Master
Had a party - 8:6 The Fatigues
Sells Russian hats down in Battery Park for $40 - 8:8 The Chicken Roaster
On phone with Kramer before he slips and falls in mud - 8:14 The Van Buren Boys
His father lives in Florida, and can get deals on Wizards, but are really Willards - 9:15 The Wizard
He made a fortune off of those (the paddle with the ball and the rubber band). He came up with the idea for the rubber band. Before that, people would just hit the ball, and it would fly away. - 9:20 The Puerto Rican Day

First Times
Bob Sacamano - 2:8 The Heart Attack