Episode 10: The Andrea Doria

Episode #144; 8:10

Our Summary

We got a whole bunch of things going on in this episode. Elaine is dating a guy who breaks up badly by identifying a part of a person's body that is irregular compared to the rest of their body, making these gals he breaks up with to be extremely angry with him. For Elaine, that dis was that her head is too big, and at the end of the episode, George is chinless. Kramer has a bad cough and refuses to see a doctor, so when he finds a dog named Smuckers that shares his ailment, he takes the dog and himself to the vet, afterwhich, he takes dog medicine and acts like a dog. George is trying to move into a beautiful apartment, but in order to do so, he must convince the board that his life was worse than a survivor of the sunken ship, The Andrea Doria. Finally, Jerry tries to help Newman by delivering his mail so he can get transferred to Hawaii, which is both his and Jerry's dream.

Our Commentary

This Top 50 ep barely misses the Top 25. First of all, just having Frank and Estelle appear for a few seconds, automatically puts it into Top 50 status. Then you get the whole thing with George telling his tale of woes to the tenant board is stimply hilarious, as is Newman and Jerry in their unholy alliance. Elaine is great with her giant freak head, especially with the bird flying into her head and the guy on the park bench saying that he "never saw a bird into a woman's head" with no verb to describe how the bird went into her head, Kramer describing doctors as a bunch of lackeys and yes men all towing the company line, and how he and Smuckers are going to take dog medicine, the same vet that later treats the squirrel with his tiny instruments, George being chinless, stabworthy, and specifically when George gives it to Old Man Eldridge with his "Ahoy", "like an old man easing into a bath", and making him get out of the chair and banging his fingers on the wall, ADD style. Finally, we have one of the funniest things in all of Seinfeld, brilliantly performed by Kramer and Jerry: Kramer being Jerry's dog. It's just perfect. First we have Jerry holding Kramer down while putting the pills into his mouth, with his head going side to side like a dog, then his body twitching doggystyle, then shaking the keys to entice him to come in the car with him for a ride Dashiqi, then pretending to drive to the park like a dog, with Kramer realizing that this is not the way to the park doggystyle, and that he realizes the street and that they're going to the doctor Dashiqi, and then won't get out of the car like a dog, then Jerry pulls him out of the car doggystyle, and finally, runs away, Jerry yelling at him that he's a bad neighbor, and the ending of the show with him telling the cops and leading the way that there's trouble at the Old Mill, once again Dashiqi. Overall, a solidly hilariously written and acted ep. Adam - Only a couple of words can describe this amazing episode. Mahvelous, the dance continues. However, that was more than a couple of words. So many things occur in this episode. From bump on the nose to Smuckers to the 8 bags in addition to his usual one, to Kramer asking Newman to move the bags, and yeah, he's not going to do it, to the "she was, in fact, a Nazi", quickly moving on to the next one, and everything else that came in between. This episode, is in fact, like a warm man easing into a bath, no offense. To the episode, that is, for getting the line wrong, after just watching it. And no offense to the cup of soda you just spit into from laughing. It's beautiful, just like the man. That's all.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

144."The Andrea Doria" (December 19, 1996)

SUMMARY Elaine dates a guy who is bad at breaking up. Kramer goes to a veterinarian to get rid of his cough. Jerry and Kramer discover Newman has been hiding bags of mail. George competes with a survivor of the Andrea Doria for an apartment; neither gets it. Elaine's blind date breaks up with her and tells she has a big head. Kramer begins to act like a dog and bites Newman's ankle.

SEINFELD-ESE Bad breaker-upper--a guy who doesn't know how to end a relationship without making the woman furious.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Spike Feresten

GUEST CAST Tom Gallop (Alan); Ray Stricklyn (Clarence); Diana Bellamy (Mrs. Ricardi); Rick Hall (Vet); Carl Banks (Policeman #1); Barry Cutler (Policeman #2); Kev O'Neil (Waiter); Ossie Mair (Driver); Fred Pinkard (Old Man); Rene Weisser (Ex-Girlfriend); Brian Blondell (Dog Guy); Theresa Mulligan (Woman); Florinel Fatulescu (Stand Owner)

RECURRINC CAST Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza); Wayne Knight (Newman); Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza)


2nd Siyum

Alan Mercer
Guys Elaine Broke Up With
Alan Mercer - Bad breakerupper

Night shot of Jerry’s apartment while sorting Newman’s mail, and then daytime outside the window

Movie Spoofs
LASSIE - (Not sure if there was a movie, but this scene, of Kramer as a dog telling the cops about "trouble in the Old Mill" sounds like every Lassie episode)
GODFATHER PART II - (Jerry's line of "my home - my home, Elaine! Where I sleep, where I come to play with my toys.)

3rd Siyum

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