Episode 1: The Butter Shave

Episode #157; 9:1

Our Summary

George goes to work at his first job of Season 9, and first since his stint with The Yankees, namely Play Now, where his boss, Mr. Thomassoulo, thinks that he is handicapped because of his injuries received due to his spill down the stairs in 8:22 The Summer of George. When he starts limping on the other leg, instead of firing him, Mr. Thomassoulo buys him a Rascal, or a motorized wheelchair of sorts. Kramer butters his face in order to shave, causing George to do so as well, causing him to limp on his other leg, and then butters up his body, but sautées himself. Elaine and Puddy go on a trip to Europe and start their Season 9 trend of breaking up and getting back together. Finally, Bania is riding Jerry's coattails in every way imaginable, and Jerry is miffed to say the least.

Our Commentary

We start off Season Nine with a bang, a bang that might be considered worthy of Top 25 status, but for now, I will place it in the Top 50. Hilarious stuff with Vegetable Lasagna, Jerry throwing the set, Jay Chermak and Stu Crespi, the whole thing of George and the old people at the end, with George doing him a favor for denting his 4-volt ride, get the bikes, Bania is the voice of a new generation, my generation, we're 4 months apart, as Adam slips one past the goalie, David Puddy back in the mix from Season Six, while I pick up my sticks, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks that is, what the hell am I talking about?, and the ending scene of Kramer and Newman, with Kramer getting oregano and parmesan, pronounced as it is spelled, all over him, is stimply hilarious. Overall, a solidly hilarious episode that starts off Season Nine in a grandiose fashion. (While putting in the extra HTML, a few months after watching this ep, I also have to add that we have a Rebecca Romaine Lettuce Stamos, before she got Stamosed, look-a-like, in the form of everyone's favorite Cute Girl, Shannon Whirry. Just had to add that.) Adam - Great episode. I'm gonna have to put this into my Top 25. I laughed till I cried, I laughed till I cried. Newman's acting in this episode is brilliant and (in James Lipton's, or to be more accurate, Will Ferrel imitating James Lipton's voice), and so was everyone else's.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

157."The Butter Shave" (September 25, 1997)

SUMMARY Jerry might get another chance at NBC. George is hired for a job because the employer thinks he's handicapped. Kramer starts putting butter on his face after shaving but learns a painful lesson when he goes out in the sun. Elaine and Puddy take a trip. Jerry resents Bania riding on his comic coattails.

OF SPECIAL NOTE This episode was in memory of Brandon Tartikoff, a former NBC executive who was one of the show's bigger supporters in its early, less-than-popular days.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel

GUEST CAST Gordon Jump (Mr. Thomassoulo); Kristin Davis (Jenna); Everett Greenbaum (McMaines); Connie Sawyer (Old Woman); Matthew Fonda (NBC Executive); Chris Parnell (NBC Executive}; Frank Van Keeken (Vegetable Lasagna); Shannon Whirry (Cute Girl); Nancy Balbirer (Woman); Erica Y. Becoat (Stewardess}; Torsten Voges (Cab Driver); George Georgiadis (Cab Driver); Brian Callaway (Passenger)

RECURRING CAST Steve Hyntnet (Bania); Wayne Knight (Newman); Patrick Warburton (David Puddy)


2nd Siyum

Puddy (2nd Time)
Puddy (3rd Time)
Guys Elaine Broke Up With
Puddy (2nd Time) - Kroener comprehension problem and what time it is in New York
Puddy (3rd Time) - Same old problems

The two NBC Executives are named Stu Crespi and Jay Chermak, which are the reverse of the other episodes their characters are in

SNL Cast Members
Chris Parnell

Crazy Kramer Ideas
Using butter as aftershave
Putting butter on his body

3rd Siyum

Thing We Have No Clue About

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