Jay and Stu

They Find Suspenders A Little Hacky

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Who are Jay and Stu? They themselves don't even know. These two NBC execs fit into the Seinfeld mold beautifully as they can't comprehend why a man would steal a box of raisins. They love things you don't have to think about, and also love that Kramer guy.

STU: (to George) Yeah I think I see it. It's like a white discoloration.
GEORGE: (to Jay) What do you think it is?
JAY: It's like a... white discoloration. - 4:23 The Pilot Part 1

The characters of Jay and Stu were introduced in 4:3 The Pitch as NBC execs. They were always portrayed by the brilliance that is Kevin Page as Stu and Peter Blood as Jay, but in 9:1 The Butter Shave, where their names are reversed, Chris Parnell and Matthew Fonda took over for only that episode.

These boys love to laugh, and find almost everything funny, unless it's about an episode done entirely at a Chinese Restaurant (2:11 The Chinese Restaurant). They also love Jerry and George so much that they even travel to Latham, MA just to see them.

Jay and Stu might not agree on whose last name is Chermak and whose is Crespi, but there is one thing they definitely do agree on: the fact that they, much like Jerry, want to be in the Kenny Bania business.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Jay Crespi = 7
Stu Chermak = 7

In 9:1 The Butter Shave, the two NBC Executives are named Stu Crespi and Jay Chermak, which are the reverse of the other episodes there characters are in

First Times
Jay Crespi - 4:3 The Pitch
Stu Chermak - 4:3 The Pitch