He's Gold, Jerry. Gold.

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Unlike other human beings, a certain Mr. Kenneth Bania, has no clue what's flying. He's a hack when it comes to being a comedian. He's so obnoxious that he makes Jerry eat multiple meals with him for a brand new Armani suit. However, when he flashes those pearly whites with a Gold, Jerry. Gold. he makes life worth living.

"Did you see Bania's set last night? 'Cause I read on the Internet he killed."
- Kramer 9:1 The Butter Shave

The character Kenny Bania was introduced in 6:7 The Soup, as a fellow comic that Jerry hated, however Steve Hytner, who would go on to portray this hilarious character, was wanted back by audiences the world round.

Bania's been with many chicks, good looking ones too. A regular dating fool. We know he's dated Jenna, Uma Thurman, and Cynthia the Mentor. His comedy revolves around bits about powdered chocolate milk, because anything that dissolves in milk is funny. Bania's humor is simple, it doesn't require one to think. He's the voice of a new generation, George's generation, even though Jerry and George are 4 months apart. Apparently the bizzaro execs at NBC, Jay Chermak and Stu Crespi, agree. He rides Jerry's coattails. His favorite restaurant is Mendy's, which has somehow become an unkosher restaurant, where he loves the soup. He tries to cut in line at the Soup Nazi. He becomes Jerry's protoge' and buys Kramer's suit that he's wearing for $300.

Although some characters hate Bania (read Stupid Jerry), one does have to hand it to Kenny: he did manage to make Risk Management into a hilarious premise.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Kenneth Bania = 7

Kenny Bania - 42

First Times
Kenny Bania - 6:7 The Soup