Episode 18: The Raincoats Part I

Episode #82; 5:18

Our Summary

Jerry can't hook up with Rachel b/c his parents are staying with him until they go to Paris, which Jerry is paying for. Elaine's guy is a close talker who loves the Seinfelds. George becomes a big brother and then tries to get out of it. We find out that the Seinfelds hate the Costanzas and don't go out with them. Kramer and Morty go into business together in order to sell Morty's "The Beltless Trench Coat"s to Rudy, who also buys George's father's "moth ridden crap".

Our Commentary

Beautiful OCB opens up this beauty of a 2 parter. We get Jack Klompus, back from Weight Watchers, at his best. We also get Aaron the Close Talker, one of the funniest single ep characters. The Costanzas and the Seinfelds are at their peak of funniness and George is great with his ways of getting around the guy from Dream On. We also get a beautiful guy from Overboard and some beautiful moths. Overall, an excellent, well crafted episode by Proctor and Gamble and JS and LD. Adam - Hilarious episode. All is well that ends well.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

82."The Raincoats (Part I)" (April 28, 1994)

SUMMARY While waiting to leave for Paris, Jerry's parents are staying with him, which prevents Jerry from spending some private time with his girlfriend. George is talked into being a Big Brother, then tries to get out of it. The Seinfelds avoid the Costanzas' dinner invitation. Elaine's latest boyfriend is a close-talker.

SEINFELD-ESE Close-talker--someone who routinely invades others' personal space.

OF SPECIAL NOTE Episodes 82 and 83 were originally aired as a one-hour special but were split for syndication.

DIRECTOR Tom Cherones

TELEPLAY Tom Gammill, Max Pross, Larry David, and Jerry Seinfeld

GUEST CAST Michael G. Hagerty (Rudy); Annie Korzen (Doris Klompus); Lisa Pescia (Joanne); Judge Reinhold (Aaron); Melanie Smith (Rachel); Dorien Wilson (Alec)

RECURRINC CAST Sandy Baron (Jack Klompus); Estelle Harris (Estelle Costanza); Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld); Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld); Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza)


2nd Siyum

Rachel Goldstein - 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1, 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2, 5:21 The Hamptons, & 5:22 The Opposite

Aaron - 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1, 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2

Things We Have No Clue About
Money, Monet, Tippy Tippy Day Day

Curb Your Enthusiasm Actors
Michael G. Hagerty as Rudy in 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1 & 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2 is the AAMCO guy in CYE
Melanie Smith as Rachel Goldstein in 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1, 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2, 5:21 The Hamptons, & 5:22 The Opposite is the incest survivor in CYE

First Times
Rachel Goldstein

3rd Siyum


Metropolitan Museum of Art/Museum of Modern Art

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