Jerry's Buxom Little Friend

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Rachel Goldstein is Yerry's girlfriend for 4 eps at the end of Season 5, making her his most dated girlfriend. Her 4 episodes are all great, with the last 2 being in the Top 50. LD loved her so much that she appeared in the first season ender of CYE. She's just great all around.

"Oh, no, I can't. I'm kosher, we don't eat shellfish."
- Rachel 5:21 The Hamptons

After her debut in 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1, audiences, mostly men, were wowed by her umm, performance, so they wanted her back, and back she came for 3 more eps and an ep of Curb. Who is this beauty? She goes by the name of Melanie Smith.

Rachel's father is an observant Jew, to a degree of not allowing his daughter to be with men of weak moral fiber. Rachel herself tries to refrain from eating shellfish. She thinks George is tiny b/c she probably doesn't know about shrinkage, tells secrets at the table, even though it's not nice, doesn't believe that being small is grounds for leaving a weekend romp in the Hamptons, is so horny that she'll make out during Schindler's List, listens to Kramer in regard to religious matters, loves lobster in her eggs, doesn't like riding backward on the LIRR, lives with her parents, and dumps Jerry, who doesn't care because he's Even Steven.

All one need know about Rachel is that she's still buxom 6 and a half years later in CYE, at least Lifee LD.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Rachel = 4

Rachel Goldstein - 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1, 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2, 5:21 The Hamptons, & 5:22 The Opposite
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Rachel Goldstein - Doesnít think itís working

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Melanie Smith as Rachel Goldstein in 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1, 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2, 5:21 The Hamptons, & 5:22 The Opposite is the incest survivor in CYE

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Rachel Goldstein - 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1