He's a Bit of a Close Talker

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Aaron, The Close Talker, is quite an insane man and it doesn't take Halloween costumes to show it. Not only does he stand mouth to mouth with anyone he talks to, he also prefers to see Jerry's parents over his own girlfriend, Elaine. When Aaron meets Jerry's parents for the first time he automatically took them out to a museum, and set up plans with them for a rendezvous at My Fair Lady and a romantic dinner out on the town. A man so good is not possible.

ELAINE: You had fun with Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld?
AARON: Yeah, they bought me a coke. - 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1

The character Aaron, The Close Talker was introduced in 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1 and 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2, as Elaine's boyfriend. Although Judge Reinhold, who portrayed this funny character, only appeared during this 2 part episode, his character remains to this day, one of the most memorable.

Aaron feels that Morty is full of life, I mean come on he was convinced that Monet wore glasses, what a guy!!! Aaron can hardly contain his feelings when it comes to those Seinfelds, he loves 'em with all his heart and soul. Aaron enjoys the MET, horse and buggy rides around the city, and of course talking to those that he loves, rather closely I should say. Aaron, AKA Billy, was one of the greatest double episode if you count it as 2 episodes, single episode, if you count it as one, characters throughout Seinfeld, but I just feel that he could have a done a bit more to enhance his brief appearance on Seinfeld. For one, his watch, his watch could have provided one more laugh. His ring, his ring could have provided one more smile. Water, he could've used more water! Get Aaron some water!

Why? I have no clue.


Aaron - 5:18 The Raincoats Part 1 & 5:19 The Raincoats Part 2