Episode 15: The Cadillac Part 2

Episode #125; 7:15

Our Summary

Morty's impeachment goes on as planned, and the only tenant on the board who can save him is Mabel Choate, from whom Jerry stole a marble rye in 7:11 The Rye, and so he is impeached and they move. George meets with Marisa Tomei, and uses Elaine for a lie, but Elaine messes up the lie, and so Susan punches George, after Marisa had punched George b/c he said he was engaged. Finally, the cable guy apologizes to Kramer and they hug and makeup.

Our Commentary

Like its sister episode, this ep did not make the Top 50 cut during the last Siyum however this time it has with distinction. From George's pronunciation of the word lie, to Morty's answer to Jerry's statement of there's a spot in front: always Jerry always, to the brilliant linking of Mabel Choate back to 7:11 The Rye, this ep was stimply brilliant. Hilarious stuff with Marisa Tomei eating up the manure, commenting on how George is so bald, double punches from Marisa and Susan right in the kisser, the Marathon Man chase of Kramer and the Plaza Cable guy, Jack and Doris' conversation about how great this meal was while Jack uses his toothpick to clean his teeth and right after Doris says it was better then Dannys, Jack gives her a "Danny's? Come on!", then Morty and Jack with their "We'll see, yes we will", to the old man with the cigar taking over the show with his retort, "if you think so", to the statement "I'm running the meeting here", and his wise cracks, the entire Nixon spoof, as Adam lets hopefully the last one slip for tonight, and the closing bit of the cable guy saying sorry to Kramer which is a tear jerker to say the least, with his "if a doctor can do it so can we". Overall just a brilliantly executed and written episode, LD and JS should be extremely proud of this magnificent two parter, that covers two states in its locations but an entire universe of comedy. Adam - Too funny, too funny, this episode is just that, if ever an Emmy should have been given to a single character for a tremendous performance in an extremely supporting role, the cable guy was simply brilliant. Not to mention the guy with the cigar, he was quite extraordinary also. Jack Klompus is at his best, as well as the rest of the gang, what an episode what an episode.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

125."The Cadillac (Part II)" (Febraury 8, 1996)

SUMMARY George's obsession with Marisa makes Susan suspicious. Elaine calls Jerry in Florida and tells him she wants to come and join him now that she knows what he earns. George's meeting with Marisa doesn't go as well as planned and Susan thinks he's having an affair with Elaine. Morty's only chance to avoid impeachment from the retirement village board lies with the woman Jerry mugged for the marble rye.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld

GUEST CAST Marisa Tomei (Herself); Walter Olkewicz (Nick the Cable Guy); Ann Guilbert (Evelyn); Frances Bay (Mabel Choate); Bill Macy (Herb); Jesse White (Ralph); Annie Korzen (Doris Klompus); Daniel Zacapa (Power Guy (John)); Golde Starger (Bldg. A); Janice Davis (Bldg. B); Art Frankle (Bldg. C)

RECURRING CAST Sandy Baron (Jack Klompus); Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld); Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld); Heidi Swedberg (Susan)


2nd Siyum

George's Idiot Things
Tells Marisa Tomei that he is sort of engaged

Movie Spoofs
Vertigo - (Kramer and the cable guy on the rooftops/ beginning of the movie)
* The Fugitive - (Not sure what scene is being spoofed, so can't guarantee it)
Nixon - (Ending scene)

Celebrities (*Real)
*Marisa Tomei

3rd Siyum

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