Cousin Jeffrey

He Works for the Parks Department

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Uncle Leo's son, Jeffrey, has had numerous careers of varying success, making him ideal for Elaine. He's worked in every field imaginable: Riverside Park, umm..., Central Park, umm... I guess that's it. Alright, so maybe he only works for the Parks Department. But he must be a great worker b/c Uncle Leo praises him every second.

LEO: Listen, you should get your cousin Jeffrey to write some material for you.
MORTY: What are you talking? Jeffrey works for the parks department!
LEO: You should read the letters he's written. He's funnier than the whole bunch of you!
- 3:3 The Pen

Jeffrey, who was portrayed beautifully by Mr. Ed, is first mentioned in 2:2 The Pony Remark. From then on, audiences requested and specifically wrote to LD and JS that they want more Cousin Jeffrey. Their wish was granted, as he came back for 4 more episodes. We loved him so much that instead of just counting how many eps he was in, we counted how many times his name was mentioned. OK, so it was only 3 extra times, but those 3 extra times were of love and passion.

His favorite subject is nature, but as for the specific sciences that he loves, it would have to be a tie between botany and zoology. He loves nature so much and loves the Nature Channel so much that if he ever misses an ep on a Friday night, which is the big night on the Nature Channel, he will have his dad tape it for him. He still speaks to his botany college professor and even has dinner with him. One could say that they're like equals. Jeffrey's favorite animal is the leopard because he likes the spots, and as anyone with a depth of knowledge of nature and animals like Jeffrey's would know, spots are the coolest thing. Jeffrey's current residence only costs him $300 per month, and is located on West End Avenue, which used to be Manya's apartment. Due to his position in the Parks Department, he can get great seats, alright they're decent seats, to concerts in Central Park.

While all of this describes Jeff, we never see what he looks like. However, he must be good looking, b/c he looks like Kramer, at least according to George.


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Cousin Jeffrey = 8

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