Episode 20: The Millennium

Episode #154; 8:20

Our Summary

Elaine is ingnored at Putumayo, so she goes to Cinco De Mayo to run Putumayo out of business, until she finds out that they are both owned by the woman who ignored her originally, Gladys Mayo. So, she hires Kramer, in his alter-ego form of Pennypacker, to use his pricing gun to give them the sale of the century, but obviously fails in doing so, by breaking the pricing gun. Jerry is dating a gal that has a relationship barometer on her speed-dial, and has a stepmother that gets Jerry involved in a spoof of The Graduate. George is trying to get fired from his job in order to work as the head scout for the New York Mets, but Wilhelm beats him to it. Finally, Kramer must decide how important Jerry is to him, b/c Newman has a Millennium party at the same time as Kramer's and he wants it to be Jerry-free. When Kramer presents the fact that Elaine won't be there, he gives in to hold a joint party.

Our Commentary

Just a quick warning about this commentary. We watched half of this episode one day, then the other half the next day, then the commentary the day after. That said, I'm putting this episode into my Top 25. This episode is so hilarious, I just love it. It's way underrrated lifee my opinion. First of all, when you have Steve Koren appearing as himself, you know you have a Top 25 ep on your hands. Hilarious stuff with Elaine trying to screw Gladys Mayo, the oft quoted line: what are we talkin' hirachis?, the whole The Graduate spoof, Newman going URGH! both in the ep and after the closing credits, Kramer having a nightmare in bed with Millennium, Newmanium, the picture of him and Jerry right by his bed, stimply hilarious. Then we have one of the funniest alter-egos ever created, in AG Pennypacker/HE Pennypacker, who knows the proper name? Everything the guy says is ultrahilarious. I'll just put the whole thing in here:

KRAMER: Hi, I'm H.E. Pennypacker. I'm a wealthy American industrialist uh, looking to open a silver mine in the mountains of Peru and uh, before I invest millions in a lucrative mine, I, I'd like to go a little native. Uh, Get the feel of their condiments, of their unmentionables, you know, the real uh, gritty-gritty.
He notices a bowl of chips beside the register and helps himself to some.
GLADYS: Well, lemme show you what we have.
KRAMER: Well uh, I think I can just browse around on my own.
KRAMER: (re the chips) Hmm, Macchu Picchu. Are these free?
KRAMER: Hmm-mmm.

We also have a return of Kramer's "occupado!" and Elaine saying that he screwed her again, even though that was his first appearance. I love when Jerry gulps the wine and says, "mmm, good", Newman with his "a little Jerry, for a lot of Elaine", and then finally, Steinbrenner, in one of his all-time great eps. Overall, a solidly hilarious episode with tons of funniness all over, well deserved to be in the Top 25. Adam - Excellent episode. Kramer asking if the chips are free even though he's a billionaire, and his waking up from the nightmare is truly hilarious also. How Steinbrenner doesn't even address George, as how can George be so crazy with his destruction of the world series trophy, but he goes so far to say that he's disappointed in him as body suit man, and how could body suit man perpetrate such a heinous crime. We're just talkin' and those are my everyday balloons basically sums up this truly funny episode.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

154."The Millennium" (May 1, 1997)

SUMMARY Elaine gets bad service at a clothing store, so she begins shopping at a similar, different one. Jerry notices that he is on his girlfriend's speed dial and becomes obsessed with being number one on it. Kramer's millennium party clashes with Newman's. George tries to get fired. Jerry gets caught in the middle of a speed-dial war between his girlfriend and stepmother.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Jennifer Crittenden

GUEST CAST Lauren Graham (Valerie); Louan Gideon (Mrs. Hamilton); Victoria Mahoney (Gladys); Michael Laskin (Minkler); Bruce Jarchow (Mooney); Maria Cina (Saleswoman); Steve Koren (Himself)

RECURRING CAST Richard Herd (Wilhelm); Wayne Knight (Newman)


2nd Siyum

Real People's Names
Steve Koren

Jerry’s phone number starts 742 yet in previous episodes it starts 555


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*Steve Koren

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Contact List
Jerry - Home:742-????

Movie Spoofs
THE GRADUATE - (The whole episode with Jerry, his gal, and her mom)
* PATTON - (Saw the movie recently, but not sure what scene is being spoofed, so once again, can't personally guarantee it)

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