Episode 4: The Little Kicks

Episode #138; 8:4

Our Summary

Elaine throws an office party and she starts to dance, which causes everyone to disrespect her at work. However, she doesn't know why everyone is doing that, but thinks that George, whom she invited reluctantly, is causing all of the mayhem. This causes Anna, one of Elaine's workers, to be attracted to George b/c "he is the bad boy." Meanwhile, Jerry and Kramer go catch the movie Deathblow, but Jerry ends up having to bootleg the movie at gunpoint by Kramer's buddy Brody. George needs to win over Anna again with his bad boy image, and decides to bootleg too, and then gets cheesed with a side of lamb, with a fight between Elaine and Frank ending the episode.

Our Commentary

This Top 50 ep includes the lines that we adapted to our Intro Page and also happens to include ten million other hilarious lines. Hilarious stuff with the bootlegging, George being the bad boy, Frank saying "you wanna peesh of me?" with Elaine dying of laughter the whole time a la 9:22 The Clip Show Part 2, Elaine's dancing portrayal of Lorne Michaels, Brody, Kramer dying of laughter during a sad movie, even filming the guy next to him, Kramer's story of how he met Brody, which can be seen in our SWT (Seinfeld Walking Tour), and a spoof of Sunset Blvd. Overall, a solidly hilarious episode. Adam - Hilarious episode. In the Top 50. The last part with Frank Costanza and Elaine is priceless as well as playing pachinko up on 94th Street with Corky Ramirez. This episode was too funny. Thank you, that's it.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

138."The Little Kicks" (October 10, 1996)

SUMMARY Elaine reluctantly lets George attend a party she is throwing at work. George's bad-boy image makes him more attractive. Jerry is forced to bootleg movies by a friend of Kramer's. Elaine's coworkers lose respect for her after she dances at the party, but her dance becomes a big hit on the streets of New York.

TRIVIA It was reported that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was imitating SaturdayNight Live producer Lorne Michael's dance moves.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Spike Feresten

GUEST CAST Neil Giuntoli (Brody); Rebecca McFarland (Anna); Joseph Urla (Dugan); Tim O'Hare (Vendor)

RECURRING CAST Jerry Stiller (Frank Costanza)


2nd Siyum

Snort = 43 (plus 1 Elaine in 8:4 The Little Kicks, plus 1 construction worker - 8:16 The Pothole)

Kramer's Friends
Corky Ramirez - 8:4 The Little Kicks & 8:14 The Van Buren Boys

Movie Spoofs
Sunset Blvd. - (Jerry's line "I'm still big. It's the bootlegs that got small.")


First Times
Black and silver top

3rd Siyum

Look at You = 4 (plus 1 Kramer in 8:4 The Little Kicks)


96th Street 94th Street Playing Pachinko

Full Script