Episode 5: The Package

Episode #139; 8:5

Our Summary

George likes photostore Sheila and thinks that she is providing him with a fleshy photo, so Kramer convinces George to join in the Timeless Art of Seduction, by providing a racy photo of himself, which Kramer happily takes of George. Kramer also sticks his nose in by attempting to get Jerry a new stereo by insuring it, thereby making the post office pay for his stereo. This situation leads to Uncle Leo signing for the stereo, getting his eyebrows singed off, sending him to his doctor. This enables Elaine, who has been shut out of every doctor's office b/c it says that she is difficult on her chart, to try and seek a remedy from Uncle Leo's MD, which ends up causing Elaine, Kramer, and Uncle Leo to go to some hick doctor. Finally, Newman attempts to get Jerry in trouble by accusing him of mail fraud, at which he is first thwarted, but then, thanks to George and his pictures, gets his wish and also catches George for some ill conceived mail-order pornography scam, which sends photostore Sheila running.

Our Commentary

This hilarious Top 50 ep continues the tradition long held by Season 8 eps. Hilarious stuff with Elaine and the doctors, the AMA guy calling her up in the middle of the night and saying, after she says "Hello?", "What?!?!", and then "Get off the line, we're trying to make another call." This episode was a bit odd to tell you the truth, and really does belong in Season 8 or 9, as it is so strange. None of the characters have boyfriends or girlfriends, and there are 10 different plots going on, and they all link up. There are plenty of hilarious scenes, but as a cohesive episode, it's simply not cohesive, but still hilarious. Ultra hilarious stuff: One of Kramer's classic scenes with Jerry about "writeoffs", one of Newman's classic soliloquies of "the cushy lair", another classic Newman scene with "pretty hot under these lights, eh Seinfeld?", with the guy next to Newman doing absolutely nothing, just there to make us laugh, with Jerry being totally cool and comfortable, not letting Newman have a sip of his soda, and after the whole thing, when Newman tries to take it, Jerry grabs it from the seat at the last moment, and the guy next to Newman sleeping. Great stuff with Uncle Leo saying hello to Danny boy, signing for Jerry's package as "Uncle Leo", the whole timeless art of seduction, the black gay guy, and to top it all off, one of Kramer's best Dr. Van Nostrand's from the clinic, that's right. Overall, a solidly classic Season 8 ep that I must have seen over 10 million times. Adam - Great episode. Any episode with Newman and Uncle Leo and Dr. Van Nostrand has got to be in the Top 50. This episode is just too much and is an episode that I will never forget.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

139."The Package" (October 17, 1996)

SUMMARY Kramer tries to get Jerry a refund for his broken stereo by mailing it insured. Elaine has a rash but can't find a doctor because her medical records say she is difficult. George discovers the woman at the photo store is looking at his pictures. Jerry refuses delivery of a package with no return address. Newman grills Jerry on suspicion of mail fraud.

DIRECTOR, Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Jennifer Crittenden

GUEST CAST Richard Roat (Dr. Berg); Fort Atkinson (Dr. Stern); David Purdham (Dr. Resnick); Heather Campbell (Sheila); Ramon Franco (Mailman); Bari K. Willerford (Ron); Shuko Akune (Receptionist); F. William Parker (Country Doctor); Lynn A. Henderson (Clerk); Bill Grat-ton (Postal Official); Susan Leslie (Nurse)

RECURRING CAST Wayne Knight (Newman); Len Lesser (Uncle Leo)


2nd Siyum

Movie Spoofs
* Basic Instinct - (Never saw the movie so I can't personally guarantee it, but I assume it is the scene where Newman is drilling Jerry)


Things We Know About Lomez
Kramer traded him his stereo for some steaks

Specific Character
Hello Uncle Leo = 19 (plus 1 Danny - 8:5 The Package)

3rd Siyum

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