Episode 1: The Ex-Girlfriend

Episode #6; 2:1

Our Summary

Jerry dates George's ex, the sexy southern who doubles as a waitress at Monk's with no accent. Elaine and Kramer are pretty unimportant.

Our Commentary

We start the second season off with a bang, NOT! Ohhhh. The OCB took four strokes to get the ball in the hole, while the par was five, making it subpar. The ep starts with some brilliant LD writing. We see Jerry driving his car, but it is not a Saab. George proclaims his homophobia, which is an error for 4:17 The Outing. Kramer starts off the second season light years ahead of his first season incarnation, by his overall demeanor as well as going to Joe's, and loving fruit. However, he still displays his goofy smile and whispers his lines like an idiot. George is near perfect at the doctor and Jerry does a great MCB. Marlene, AKA Ma-Newer, is George's first gal that we see. Overall there wasn't much meat in the episode, except for Jerry's slaughterhouse bit. Up until this point in the TV series known as Seinfeld, Adam has been happy with one line in the series. He believes this line should have been used as clear and concise instructions for the honchos at NBC. Seinfeld should have been stopped after their first season, by doing it "like a band-aid, one motion, RIGHT OFF (the air that is)! I however enjoy the evolutionary process of the early seasons. That said, one episode out of my top 50 comes from the first two seasons.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

6."The Ex-Girlfriend" (January 23, 1991)

SUMMARY After George breaks up with his girlfriend, Jerry starts dating her. Elaine is obsessed over why a guy in her building has stopped saying hello to her. Kramer becomes fixated on fresh fruit. Jerry loses his girlfriend after she sees his act.

DIRECTOR Tom Cherones

TELEPLAY Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld

GUEST CAST Karen Barcus (Receptionist); Tracy Kolis (Marlene)


2nd Siyum

Marlene (*Same actress as Kelly from 6:7 The Soup)
Girls Who Broke Up With Jerry
Marlene - Saw his act

Marlene (*Same actress as Kelly from 6:7 The Soup)
Girls George Broke Up With
Marlene - Too annoying

In 5:1 The Mango, Joe's fruit doesn't allow returns but in 2:1 The Ex-Girlfriend, Kramer says he does
In 6:23 The Face Painter, George says he never said I love you to a girl before, but does so in 2:1 The Ex-Girlfriend

Chiropracters First Times
Kramer and Elaine
Key Grip: Pete Papa
It's Not You, It's Me (Marlene)

3rd Siyum

Contact List
Glenn's phone #: 805-555-3234

Jerry - 2 door brown Oldsmobile-like car

First Times
Jerry Feeding
Kramer Feeding
Jerry car

Full Script