Episode 11: The Dealership

Episode #167; 9:11

Our Summary

Puddy becomes a car salesman, from which Jerry is buying a new Saab and obviously getting a deal b/c he's dating Elaine. However, when they break up, Jerry doesn't get a deal, but gets the ole' screwgy, so Jerry must get them back together in order to save thousands of dollars. George meanwhile has decided to come and help Jerry, but is so hungry that he can't help him, and instead goes on an episode-long quest of getting a Twix bar. Kramer has also come to help, but instead goes for a test drive for an entire day, doing a Thelma & Louise thing.

Our Commentary

I didn't think this episode would pass the Top 50 mark, if that, but it heads into the Top 20, and towards the top of that pile, in fact. This ultra hilarious episode has such greats as the spinning Twix a la Star Trek: Wrath of Khan, femininas, and basically everything in the episode. It's too hilarious. The only thing is, writing this a week after watching it, and being very tired, I can't remember any other funny stuff that would catapult it into the Top 20. The only thing I can say about this episode is that it doesn't have a single crazy hilarious scene like in other Top 20 and beyond episodes, but it is consistently funny and that is what entitles it to enter the illustrious and exclusive Top 20. Adam - One of the greatest episodes of our time. The Dealership shows no leaps and bounds. Doesn't make any sense. David Puddy, great genious of our time. Coco, that chimp's alright. The heil five, George going wild on Puddy and Jerry singing sing it sister, and Moe, Kip, or Sol, really rounds this puppy out. So beautiful, so beautiful. Top 10 episode.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

167."The Dealership" (January 8, 1998)

SUMMARY Elaine breaks up with Puddy, who's been promoted to salesman, before Jerry can get a deal on a new car. George tries to find his stolen Twix candy bar. Kramer tests drives a car. Jerry snaps at being asked one too many times for a "high five."

OF SPECIAL NOTE This is one of the few episodes in which none of the action takes place in Jerry's apartment.

The Sunday after this episode aired, Seinfeld won the People's Choice Award for Favorite Comedy Series.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Steve Koren

GUEST CAST Daniel Hagen (Rick); Joel McCrary (Don); Michael Kagan (Willie); Dee Freeman (Service Assistant); Rif Hutton (Salesman); Howard Mann (Willie Sr.); Steve Susskind (Customer #1); Loretta Fox (Customer #2); Catherine Schreiber (Saleswoman)

RECURRING CAST Patrick Warburton (David Puddy)


2nd Siyum

Whoooo is This? (or equivalent) = 3 (plus 1 Elaine in 9:11 The Dealership)

Movie Spoofs
STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN - (George screaming Twix!!!, even though I've never seen the movie, I've seen the scene)

Puddy (11th Time)
Puddy (12th Time)
Guys Elaine Broke Up With
Puddy (11th Time) - Given ultimatum due to high five

David “Burl the Bear” Puddy

3rd Siyum

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