Episode 14: The Cadillac Part 1

Episode #124; 7:14

Our Summary

This two part episode begins with Jerry buying his father a Cadillac, Kramer evading the cable guy who has come to remove channels he isn't paying for, George trying to get Elaine to set him up with Marisa Tomei, and Morty being accused of embezzling condo funds.

Our Commentary

Although it didn't make the Top 50 during the last Siyum, it places itself into the Top 25 club. The entire episode is extremely hilarious. We have the opening of Kramer being affected by how much money Jerry makes and although this is jokingly, Elaine's affectedness is not. The entire thing of George and Marisa Tomei is stimply hilarious, especially with him trying to cover up his window of opportunity with her from Susan. Elaine is great with her comatose nature while Jerry counts his money and her flirting is hilarious. Kramer is hilarious with his battle of the wits against the cable guy, as is the cable guy himself. Then of course we have one of the funniest peripheral characters of all time, a man who goes by the name of a mister Jack Klompus. The man cannot not be funny. From his obvious super jealousy of Morty's new car with his "nice car" to his follow up of riding in a Cadillac thousands of times, with a triple "Ahhh" by Jack, Morty, and Jerry, as Adam lets one slip, to his accusation of Morty, the guy is the platinum standard, whatever the hell that means. Also hilarious is Helen refusing to allow Jerry to give Morty the Caddy, Kramer telling the cable guy that Chunnel is on HBO tonight and that he should come on over, and Jerry's constant telling of George that it's too bad that he's engaged. Overall, extremely worthy of Top 25 status, as Adam lets another one loose. Adam - Hilarious episode. There's nothin' better than Jack and the boys down in Florida, such as the old guy who screams "what's going on Jack?", as if Jack is ten miles away from him, and especially the guy with the cigar in his mouth who puts in his crazy one liners; what a crew. Also we get Evelyn the Coral Gables gossip monger, hilarious as usual. This episode deserves to be where it be, I enjoyed myself immensely.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

124."The Cadillac (Part I)" (February 8, 1996)

SUMMARY Jerry visits his parents in Florida and surprises them by buying them a new Cadillac. Kramer is worried his friendship with Jerry will change now that he knows what Jerry earns. Jack Klompus accuses Morty of embezzling funds to pay for his new Cadillac. George is set up with Oscar-winning actress Marisa Tomei. The cable company is looking for Kramer.

OF SPECIAL NOTE Episodes 124 and 125 were originally aired as a one-hour special.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld

GUEST CAST Walter Olkewicz (Nick); Annabelle Gurwitch (Katy); Bill Macy (Herb); Jesse White (Ralph); Marisa Tomei (Herself)

RECURRING CAST Sandy Baron (Jack Klompus); Barney Martin (Morty Seinfeld); Liz Sheridan (Helen Seinfeld); Heidi Swedberg (Susan)


2nd Siyum

Celebrities (*Real)
*Marisa Tomei
Freddy Roman

George as Avi
Dancing into the groove

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