Episode 9: The Sponge

Episode #119; 7:9

Our Summary

Kramer walks for AIDS and Jerry steals a girl's number from his list, who is so good that Jerry can't imagine that she even has sex. However, at the end of the episode, he finds that she has a huge load of The Sponge, the birth control product used by her, Susan, and Elaine. Elaine, super sexaholic, goes all over NYC to get them, and must become more selective in her sexual escapades due to her limited supply. George is almost cut out of the loop b/c he tells secrets to Susan, albeit, not at first. Kramer ends up getting beaten up by the street toughs for not wearing a ribbon, even though he was walking for AIDS.

Our Commentary

Beautiful OCB opens up this beauty of an ep. Hilarious stuff with Jerry and his speedboat shtick, George and his coupling, Jerry's 31 waist, Elaine getting the sponges, the obsession with soups at the dinner table, Kramer's poker game and Jerry dying of laughter, Elaine's sexiness, where's the depravity, on the other hand, ribbon bully, the 2 gay guys, Elaine's interview, the alley with the ribbon bullies, Jerry's never quitting of jokes. Overall, hilarious episode that just missed the Top 50. Adam - Very funny episode. Not Top 50 material, but almost there. Nothing better than the Street Toughs, that's as good as it gets.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

119."The Sponge" (December 7, 1995)

SUMMARY Elaine has to be picky about her partners after she learns her preferred method of birth control is in short supply. George reveals some secrets about Jerry to Susan. Kramer walks for AIDS but causes an incident when he refuses to wear the red ribbon. Jerry finds the number of a girl he wants to contact on Kramer's AIDS-walk sponsor list.

REVEALED Jerry changes the labels in his jeans so people think he's a size smaller than he really is.

SEINFELD-ESE Spongeworthy--A man worth using one of Elaine's few remaining contraceptive sponges.

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Peter Mehlman

GUEST CAST Jennifer Guthrie (Lena); Scott Patterson (Billy); John Paragon (Cedric); Yul Vazquez (Bob); David Byrd (Roger); Ileen Getz (Organizer); Steven Hack (Walker #1); Wren T. Brown (Walker #2); P. B. Hutton (Walker #3); Susan Moore (Monica)

RECURRING CAST Heidi Swedberg (Susan)


2nd Siyum

In 7:6 The Soup Nazi, the street toughs names are Bob and Ray while in 7:9 The Sponge and 9:20 The Puerto Rican Day, they are named Cedric and Bob

Lena Small
Girls Who Broke Up With Jerry
*Lena Small - Changes his jeans from 32 to 31


Celebrities (*Real)
Maya Angelou

Movie Spoofs
The Fugitive - (Elaine explaining her search for the sponge / Sam (Tommy Lee Jones) doing the same searching for Harrison Ford)

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3rd Siyum

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