Episode 19: The Jimmy

Episode #105; 6:19

Our Summary

The men play b-ball with Jimmy, who only refers to himself in the 3rd person, leading Elaine to thinking she's going out with someone else, but in actuality, Jimmy. George is fascinated by Jimmy, especially his jumping prowess, which is due to the shoes that Jimmy wears as well as sells. So, George goes into business with him to sell the shoes, but Kramer ruins everything. He went to see Tim Whatley, DDS, and he gave him a lot of novocaine, which causes him to drool and spill his water all over the floor, causing Jimmy to slip and fall, thereby ruining George's and Jimmy's business. Meanwhile, Kramer, who's drooling and has the weird shoes on, and is also Kramer, is thought to be mentally challenged by one Arnold Deensfrei, who invites him to be at the head table with him and The Velvet Fog, Mr. Mel Torme. Elaine is also going to this benefit, with Jimmy as her date, and by that time, the novocaine has worn off and Kramer is not disabled anymore, which would be a problem. So Jimmy ends up punching Kramer for putting him out of commission, literally, and so Kramer ends up looking, sounding, and acting disabled again. Meanwhile, George starts imitating Jimmy by referring to himself in 3rd person, especially when he's angry or under pressure. Wilhelm suspects him of stealing from the Yankees b/c he sweats each time he confronts him or talks about it. Also meanwhile, Jerry has also gone to Whatley, who now has Penthouse magazines, doesn't allow kids, and swaps nurses with another dentist. To top it all off, Jerry thinks that he was violated b/c when he came to consciousness, he saw them getting dressed and his shirt was untucked.

Our Commentary

There are some episodes of Seinfeld that are good. There are some that are great. There are some that just miss the Top 50. There are some that make the Top 50. And then there are episodes like this one. This is a Top 10 episode. It contains the perfect mix of every type of comedy. Political satire, slapstick comedy, and poetic irony, all are present and accounted for. JGEK are all at their very best with excellent comedic timing and comedic gestures. We have Jimmy, one of the funniest single episode characters in any television show that has ever been created and will be created. After 7 episodes plus the 2 Highlights of 100 episodes, we haven't been allowed the pleasure and prestige of catching a glimpse of Yankee stadium, and this coming from a Mets fan. We get out first Wilhelm in this episode, who is arguably one of the greatest characters ever created, as well as another excellent, Emmy winning performance by LD as Big Stein. We get a hilarious turn by Tim Whatley, with his Penthouse mags and sleeping with patients and nurses, before converting to Judaism. We get Kramer at his best with his imitation of a mentally challenged adult and his drooling, talking, and walking are simply hilarious. Mr. Mel Torme makes a cameo appearance and does a hell of a job portraying himself, The velvet Fog. Great line by Jerry about him rinsing and spitting after possibly being violated by Tim and his nurse and great retort by Elaine with welcoming him to the club, as the whore she is, but I love her so. If this commentary ended here, it would be enough to land this episode on the mighty mountain that is called the Top 10 Episodes of Seinfeld, but there is one more thing I simply must add. That is the third person names by Jimmy being transferred to George, who from this episode on uses the third person throughout the last seasons of Seinfeld. GEORGE IS GETTING UPSET! is one of the funniest lines that have ever been uttered, and this one line, as well as every other third person George by George simply represents, at least in my mind, the essence, the very meaning, of George Louis Costanza, funniest character of all time and space. Overall, one of the best episodes of Seinfeld, worthy of Top 10 status. Adam - Hilarious episode. There is nothing better than Kramer being the retarded guy. I love Jimmy and all of his crazy antics. George begins his rest of the Seinfeld string of referring to himself in the third person. We get a first Wilhelm, which is obviously a great thing. We get a Steinbrenner. How can you go wrong? Overall, could easily go in the Top 10 of all time.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

105."The Jimmy" (March 16, 1995)

SUMMARY The guys become acquainted with Jimmy, a man who only talks about himself in the third person. Elaine unwittingly makes a date with him. Jerry goes to the dentist's office and discovers they now provide Penthouse in the waiting room. Novocain causes Kramer to appear mentally handicapped, and he gets to meet Mel Torme; Jerry thinks he might have been violated at the dentist's.

VmECTOR Andy Ackerman

TELEPLAY Gregg Kavet and Andy Robin

GUEST CAST Alison Armitage (Cheryl); J. D. Bridges (Paramedic); Elan Carter (Receptionist); Robert Katims (Deensfrei); Anthony Starke (Jimmy); Mel Torme (Himself)


2nd Siyum


Both Georges are supposed to eat lunch at night

*Mel Torme

First Times
Name in 3rd Person
Mr. Deensfrei
George name in 3rd person

3rd Siyum

Things We Have No Clue About
George Will

Norman Brenner
2nd man from left in Footlocker type store (almost definite)

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