Episode 14: The Strongbox

Episode #170; 9:14

Our Summary

Kramer buys a strongbox in order to hide his valuables and keep them safe, but can't find a good place to hide the key b/c Jerry keeps finding it. He finally decides to put it in their neighbor's bird's food dish. This neighbor, unbeknownst to Jerry as a neighbor, asks Jerry to let him in the building b/c he left his key at home, but Jerry, not believing him, leaves him locked outside. He then sees that he actually is a neigbor and not only that lives right down the hall from him, next to Kramer. Meanwhile, Elaine thinks she might be dating a super hero or a married man or a poor man, but finds out that he's poor and married. Then we have George, who's trying to break up with his current gal, who refuses to do so, so he tries dating another gal at the same time, but then that backfires, as they both want to continue dating him. Finally, Kramer takes Jerry's cufflinks and puts them in his strongbox, so they have to go dig up the bird, b/c the key is inside him, and is what caused him to die in the first place.

Our Commentary

This funny episode doesn't make the Top 50, but it still has such greats as the scene of Jerry and George making fun of the Green Lantern and Lassie #3. Overall, nice ep. Adam - This 22 minute episode felt like it was about an hour and a half. Some parts were slow, other were slower, and then still some were slowest. But on that note, there were some funny parts, mainly to do with the key or the strongbox. That's the only thing that kept it from not being in the bottom Top 25. To the forum!

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

170."The Strong Box" (February 5, 1998)

SUMMARY Kramer puts all his valuables in a strongbox for safekeeping but can't find the perfect hiding place. George's girlfriend refuses to break up with him. Jerry insults his next-door neighbor by mistaking him for a stranger and not opening their building's door for him. Elaine wonders why her new boyfriend is so mysterious, until she discovers he's poor--and married.

OF SPECIAL NOTE Jerry uses his computer in this episode for only the second time in the course of the series. The first time was in episode 76, "The Stall."

DIRECTOR Andy Ackerman


GUEST CAST Illeana Douglas (Loretta); Alex Kapp (Maura); Louis Mustillo (Phil); Nicholas Paul Walker (Glenn); Mary Scheer (Ms. Smoth); Bonnie McNeil (Alison); Rosie Malek-Yonan (Wife)


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Guys Elaine Broke Up With
Glenn - Married

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Jerry using a Laptop

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