Episode 5: The Bris

Episode #69; 5:5

Our Summary

Elaine and Jerry are godparents to some kid, who's going to get a bris, which Kramer thinks is barbaric, which ends up getting him the position once held by Marlon Brando and then Al Pacino. George's car, which is flattened by a suicide, is then taken by a man who looks like a pig, which Kramer thought was a pigman. Meanwhile, during the bris, Jerry flinches and the Rabbi shook, and he sliced Jerry's finger.

Our Commentary

Beautiful OCB starts off this beauty of an ep that deservedly makes the Top 50. First of all the moyel is one of my favorite characters of anything ever, and the entire pigman thing with Kramer is hilarious. All of the stuff in the hospital scenes and the bris scene in particular are simply hilarious. Overall, a job well done indeed. Sorry about the shortness but I have to go pee. Adam - Great episode, hilarious lines such as "the anguished oink of pigman cries out", among many others. This truly was a tremendous episode.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

69. "The Bris" (October 14, 1993)

SUMMARY Elaine and Jerry agree to be godparents and have to arrange the bris. Kramer is against having the infant circumcised. The bris turns into a disaster, and Jerry's finger is sliced. A suicidal man jumps off the hospital and lands on top of George's car. Kramer thinks he sees a pig man and believes he's stumbled across a genetic engineering experiment.

DIRECTOR Tom Cherones

TELEPLAY Larry Charles

GUEST CAST Jeannie Elias (Myra); John Gegenhuber (Resident); Charles Levin (Mohel); Debra Mooney (Mrs. Sweedler); Frank Noon (Patient); Tia Riebling (Woman); Tom Alan Robbins (Stan)


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Movie Spoofs
The Godfather - (Multiple quotes by Jerry and ending scene)

Norman Brenner
Doctor walking in hospital hallway

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