Episode 13: The Pick

Episode #53; 4:13

Our Summary

Elaine's nipple is showing in her Xmas postcards pic taken by Kramer. Jerry's model girlfriend thinks she saw him picking his nose, when it was in fact a scratch. George gets back with Susan, but then wants out, so he uses the pick. Kramer becomes a model for CK.

Our Commentary

The good OCB is the only thing that is below the level of excellence set by this hilarious episode. One of the tops in my Top 50, The Pick holds a special place in my heart. The opening scene of George and Jerry is simply priceless. It is LD writing at its very best. This episode has so much packed into its 22 minutes, it's as if we are watching four episodes. One: The Pick. Two: The Nip. Three: The Zip. Four: His buttocks are sublime. George is great at the therapist and even better while trying to convince Susan to get back together with him. On a separate note, Season 4 could easily be retitled the season of 2 parters because nearly every episode is a continuation of a previous episode. Overall the episode can be retitled to Mr. David's Opus, his opus magnum that is.Adam - This episode thru 2 siyums did not make my Top 50, but after having to learn what Seinfeld is, I've been reborn, I feel invigorated, and thus I feel like placing it into the hall of fame. Simply a job well done. In other words The Pick is like how Andre Agassi plays tennis: Perfection!! Larry David you are ear delicious (as I cross my arms and enjoy my great line) Beautiful beautiful. That is all I have to say.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

53. "The Pick" (December 16, 1992)

SUMMARY Elaine is humiliated when she realizes her nipple is visible on her Christmas card photo. Jerry has a date with the model from the plane, but she dumps him because she thinks she saw him he pick his nose. George returns to Susan, then tries to back out. Kramer becomes a Calvin Klein underwear model.

DIRECTOR Tom Cherones

TELEPLAY Larry David; story: Larry David and Marc Jaffe

GUEST CAST Blaire Baron (Female Executive); Jennifer Campbell (Tia); Tony Carlin (Fred); Francois Giroday (Male Executive); Gina Hecht (Dana Foley); Nicholas Hormann (Calvin); Steve Schubert (Man in Office)

RECURRING CAST Wayne Knight (Newman); Heidi Swedberg (Susan)


2nd Siyum

Tia Van Camp - 4:12 The Airport & 4:13 The Pick

Girls Who Broke Up With Jerry
Tia Van Camp - Picked Nose

Susan (2nd Time)

Girls Who Broke Up With George
Susan (2nd Time) - He picked his nose


Guys Who Broke Up With Elaine
Fred - Too religious for the nipple

Celebrities (*Real)
Calvin Klein

Movie Spoofs
* Elephant Man - (Never saw it, so can't guarantee it, but I assume it is the speech that Jerry/Elaine give at the end of the episode)

3rd Siyum

Full Script