Episode 9: The Nose Job

Episode #26; 3:9

Our Summary

Jerry's penis and brain play chess to see whether he should continue to date a red head. George dates a girl who ends up getting a nose job due to Kramer's brashness, which gets botched, and then perfected. Elaine helps Kramer get the jacket from this string of episodes.

Our Commentary

Brilliant OCB and gr8 CCB. This ep is stimply hilarious. Everything about it smacks of a gr8, funny ep. The multiple, connecting story, Van Nostrand, Kramer opening big mouth, George snorting all over, Jerry's penis-brain chess match, George's can't stop modern science while Jerry nods on and Elaine's shut up. Kramer's season 3 continuing story about the jacket. Basically a gr8 solid funny ep. Adam - Gr8 ep.

EPISODE GUIDE from Jerry Seinfeld: The Entire Domain by Kathleen Tracy

26."The Nose Job" (November 20, 1991)

SUMMARY Jerry's brain and penis play chess against one another to determine whether he should keep dating a beautiful but shallow model. George is dating a woman with a big nose; Kramer tells her to get a nose job. Kramer uses Elaine to get the jacket back from his mom's boyfriend.

DIRECTOR Tom Cherones

TELEPLAY Peter Mehlman

GUEST CAST David Blackwood (Interviewer); Roy Brocksmith (Landlord); Susan Diol (Audrey); Tawny Kitaen (Isabel); Joseph V. Perry (Newsstand Owner)


2nd Siyum

Girls Jerry Broke Up With
Isabel - Reading scripts



Movie Spoofs
Seventh Seal (never saw it, so can't vouch for it, but putting it here with this warning)

First Times
Van Nostrand
Babs Kramer

3rd Siyum

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