She's All Ready to Go at 5:30 AM

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Nana is not only Jerry's grandmother and Helen's and Leo's mother, she is a family member to all. Nana often has trouble opening up ketchup jars, which begs the question, why not invent a squeezable ketchup? She can't remember what year it is, and still thinks that Buddy Lembeck lives next door with the Pfeffer twins.

"He Ha Ha Ha...Let the chambermaid clean it up."
- Nana 6:20 The Doodle

Nana, who was portrayed beautifully by the oddly named Billye Ree Wallace, is first seen in 6:3 The Pledge Drive. She did such a terrific job that they asked her back 2 more times, which she obliged to. P.S. While seeing if the IMDB link was correct, I saw that she had died on March 3, 1999. She will be missed.

She writes out ten dollar checks for Jerry's birthday, but strangely, when cashed, don't pull through. She uses Chemical Bank, but can't locate the place, because as we all know, IT BURNED! She loves Channel 13 and donates atleast five thousand dollars everytime they have a fundraiser. She often gets mistaken for a high talker, and gets told to drop dead by Elaine and she hates flat champagne.

The only thing you need know about Katie Nana is that you can shoot her in the arm and the only words she'll retort are "Oh Dear".


(per episode except Cousin Jeffrey, Larry David, Farvman, and Lauren Bowles)

Nana = 3

First Times
Nana - 6:3 The Pledge Drive